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This article covers the Another Time, Another Place version of Rouge, as opposed to the Rouge from Mobius. You might also be looking for the version from the Sonic X Zone, or the Rouge native to Dark Mobius.
Rouge ATAP

Rouge in her Olympics outfit.

Rouge the Bat (Another Time, Another Place) is an alternate version of Rouge from the Another Time, Another Place reality.


Twice Captured[]

Rouge was one of the various friends and allies of Sonic who gathered to celebrate his birthday in the Green Hill Zone. However, the party was interrupted by the arrival of the Time Eater, who scattered Rouge and the others through various portals. Following this adventure, Rouge rejoined her friends to participate in the Olympic Games, joining Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat in the hurdle race. However, the trio were then captured by Dr. Eggman, who turned the hurdles they were to jump into portals that dumped the three girls into a giant Prison Egg. Fortunately, Sonic managed to rescue them after harnessing the spirit of the Olympics and defeating Metal Sonic. (StH: #230, #242)

Background Information[]

  • It has not been shown how this version of Rouge first became acquainted with Sonic and his other friends, though presumably in was through events similar-if not identical-to those found in the game Sonic Adventure 2.


Usually, this version of Rouge wears the same customary outfit as her counterparts from Mobius and the Sonic X Zone. However, during the Olympics, she wore a track suit with a number of elements shared with her usual attire. White boots lined with pink replaced her usual high heels, while she retained her usual gloves. The black track suit covered all the rest of her body except for her head and wings, which stuck out through the back. A white belt encircled her waist, while her front was decorated by her trademark heart symbol, which featured the addition of a line that ran up to her neck.