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Rouge Woman Above Angle
Rouge Woman
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #250

Biographical information

Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily

Physical description
  • Black Wave
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight

Rouge Woman was the Roboticized Master form of Rouge the Bat. She was the tenth and final member of the Roboticized Masters.


Battle at the Wily Egg

Rouge Woman Turns Back

Rouge Woman turns back into Rouge.

After Rouge the Bat's sabotage of the Wily Egg she was captured and transformed into Rouge Woman. Rouge Woman then led an army of Robot Masters against Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and their various friends and allies. After participating in the battle for a short time, she was grabbed by Sonic, which surprised her long enough for Mega Man to hit her with his modified Mega Buster's charged shot, which restored her to her organic form. (SU: #53, StH: #250)


Rouge Woman

Rouge Woman.

Rouge Woman mostly resembled her organic form, though with obvious Robot Master qualities. Her head became helmet-like with her ears transforming into a pair of fins that rested on top of her head. Her muzzle became flattened, and her eyes became mechanical sensors with green irises on black "sclera." Her gloves and boots became part of her limbs, with her left arm transforming into the cannon from which she launched her black wave attack. She had white armor on her upper torso with a pink heart on the front, while her lower torso and upper legs were black like her organic self's outfit.


Rouge Woman Black Wave

Rouge Woman performing Black Wave.

Rouge Woman's Master Weapon was the Black Wave, which could briefly stun enemies with its power. It was a pink orb-like blast that produced growing and then disappearing purple rings behind it as it shot forward.

Background Information

Rouge Woman Concept Art

Concept art of Rouge Woman by Ben Bates.

  • Rouge Woman holds the honor of being both the last to be roboticized and the last to be saved. She was actually Roboticized after all the previous Masters had been restored to normal.
  • She is also the shortest serving Roboticized Master, only being active on panel for less than a single issue.
  • Rouge Woman's weapon, Black Wave, was never used by Mega Man after he copied it. It is named after an attack used by Rouge in Sonic Adventure 2.
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