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You may be looking for Rotor Walrus from Mobius Prime, Cyborg Rotor of the Cyborg Freedom Fighters, or Rotor (MxYL) from the MxYL universe.
Rotor future01

The future version of Rotor with his newly created NICOLE

Rotor (future version) is a version of Rotor Walrus from a possible future Mobius. He and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters managed to defeat their world's version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, despite the doctor undergoing Roboticization in a last ditch effort to achieve victory. Rotor subsequently created NICOLE at the request of Sally, and programmed her with vital information about Mobius intended to help the younger Freedom Fighters. He also built in a special firewall that prevents his younger counterpart from accessing files regarding NICOLE's origins. This was demonstrated when Rotor Prime was unable to hack into her to discover her origins. He then sent to NICOLE to Mobius just as the original NICOLE had been sent to his world. Rotor was tragically killed along with the Royal Family and others when Robo-Robotnik nuked Mobotropolis. (StH: #75 #119, IYF)

Background Information

  • Former head writer Ken Penders considered Dr. Eggman to be the same entity as the original Robo-Robotnik featured in StH: #19, which would have made this version of Rotor the same individual as Cyborg Rotor. However, head writer Ian Flynn retconned the decision and identifies both realities separately, meaning that Future Rotor and Cyborg Rotor are two separate individuals.
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