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Rosemary Prower was a Mobian fox and mother of the famous Miles "Tails" Prower. Rosemary is the wife of Great War hero and current Royal Army Commander Amadeus Prower, and sister-in-law to former-Royal Wizard and Neo Walker Merlin Prower. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik betrayed the kingdom and made his grab for power, Rosemary and Amadeus were transported off Mobius altogether by an alien race known as the Bem, and, after Amadeus was de-roboticized, were brought to the Bem homeworld of Argentium. Years later, Rosemary made her way back to Mobius with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog. Once back on Mobius, Rosemary became a popular writer and reformist activist, and aided Amadeus' efforts to begin a revolution against the Kingdom of Acorn in hopes of creating a democracy. As a result of her husband's efforts, the Council of Acorn, and by extension the Republic of Acorn, was created; Rosemary ran for and was elected to the council.


Becoming a Mother[]


Rosemary with her newborn son Miles

Shortly after the Great War, Rosemary met and befriended Amadeus and his wizard brother Merlin. Eventually, she married the former and soon fell pregnant with their child. Both were jubilant with the prospect of becoming parents, and as such she did not want Amadeus to go on duty while she was on the verge of giving birth, wanting him to be present when their child was born. Amadeus's duties as Commander of the Royal Guard and Second-In-Command of the army, however, demanded he be present in the dismantling of the War Ministry. It was here Amadeus discovered Robotnik's plans to lead a coup against King Maximillian Acorn; however, he was captured and roboticized. Unaware of what had happened to her husband, Rosemary soon went into labor. She was hurried to the hospital by the young Princess Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dr. Quack delivered her child, a son, safely. Robotnik, Snively Kintobor and Amadeus then arrived, with the latter carefully-disguised to avoid showing his true nature to all present in Rosemary's hospital room. Rosemary offered Amadeus the baby to hold, though, now an emotionless Robian, he merely turned his back and left the room, seemingly rejecting the newborn. Rosemary, heartbroken at this, cried herself to sleep. Shortly afterwards, Robotnik launched his coup, and soon the Kingdom was in danger of being overtaken by his robotic hordes. Upon entrusting her son, now named Miles, to the care of Rosie and Julayla, Rosemary went out into Mobotropolis, desperately trying to find her husband. During the ensuing chaos caused by Robotnik's invading armies, Rosemary and thousands of others were captured and she was personally brought before Robotnik, who revealed to her what had become of her husband. Before she herself could be roboticized as well, Rosemary, along with the roboticized Amadeus, was teleported up to a Bem science cruiser under the command of Ceneca-9009, who restored Amadeus to normal. (StH: #129, SSS: #9)

Time in Space[]

Resolving to rectify the situation on Mobius, Rosemary, her husband and Ceneca-9009 journeyed to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, where they pleaded before the Bem High Council for action to be taken against Robotnik. Not only was the plea denied, but Ceneca-9009 was imprisoned for using the outlawed De-Roboticizer technology. Rosemary and Amadeus, however, were technically guests on the planet, and as such enjoyed a normal life, yet never stopped wishing to return to Mobius (a planet decreed off-limits when the Xorda declared war on its inhabitants) and see their son again. (StH: #129, #170)


Rosemary and Amadeus talking to Sonic the Hedgehog

During Ceneca-9009's trial (she broke several laws by journeying back to Mobius and de-roboticizing its entire Robian population), Rosemary and Amadeus saw Sonic, whom they recognized as the son of Jules Hedgehog and Bernadette Hedgehog, stand before the Council and justify Ceneca-9009's actions. Having always believed Tails' parents deceased (as did Tails himself), Sonic was beside himself with joy upon finding them on this alien planet. After the trial, (in which Ceneca-9009 was found guilty and sentenced to death), Sonic brought the couple up to speed on current events on Mobius, most notably the fact that Tails was just a big a hero as he was. They planned to return home, only to find that as per the laws regarding Mobius, Sonic's ship had been dismantled. Later, when Ceneca-10050 offered to arrange their departure, Sonic broke Ceneca-9009 out of prison, and planned to escape in the spacecraft procured by Ceneca-10050. Unfortunately, the craft arranged proved only to be a one-seater, and, with the alarm raised, there was no time to find another. While Ceneca-9009 declined to use it, Rosemary and Amadeus also refused, not wanting to leave the other behind. Before Sonic departed, she and Amadeus gave Sonic a package to deliver to their son. (StH: #129)

Upon Sonic's return from space, he revealed to Tails that his parents were alive and well and gave him the package. The package contained a customized watch, which contained a holographic message from Rosemary and Amadeus to Tails, expressing their love for him. (StH: #134)

Return to Mobius[]


Rosemary, Amadeus, and Tails are happily reunited.

When the Xorda and Black Arms fleets met in orbit of Argentium, they began a pitched space battle that caught the planet in the crossfire. Argentium was laid to waste by the battling space fleets, largely destroying the Bem civilization; Rosemary and Amadeus narrowly survived the devastation and lived among the ruins. Months later, salvation came when Merlin, brother to Amadeus, used powerful magic to transport himself, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails in order to return the Prowers home. The family finally reunited, Rosemary embraced her son, remarking how big and handsome he had become. All present departed Argentium for Mobius, and Rosemary swore never to leave Tails behind again. (StH: #170)

Upon their return, Rosemary and the others came to live in Knothole, their broken family healing; seeing the current state of the Kingdom of Acorn's war with Robotnik, she became a popular writer and reformist activist. She also helped organize the attendance list for the wedding of Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette, which she attended. (StH: #170, #174)

When Knothole was destroyed in an assault by the Egg Fleet, Rosemary and the rest of the population were captured, though later freed by Sonic and his remaining comrades; as part of the rescue, Rosemary was sent, along with everyone else, to the newly-created haven of New Mobotropolis. By this point, Amadeus now believed the House of Acorn had failed to measure up to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in terms of accomplishments and progress) in their war against the Eggman Empire. With the population safe in New Mobotropolis and, inspired by the democracy on Argentium, Rosemary and Amadeus decided that the time for change was at hand. Merlin cautioned otherwise, but Rosemary attempted to assure her brother-in-law that Amadeus wouldn't lead them astray, to which Tails agreed. (StH: #175, #176, #177)



Rosemary and Tails sneak into the detention center.

Amadeus began his revolution with a protest at the New Mobotropolis Civil Center, reading from a powerful and convincing speech written by Rosemary, allowing the Prowers to gain the support of half the population. When this landed Amadeus in prison, Rosemary and Tails were informed of the events by NICOLE; Rosemary insisted that they had thought the time was right and attempted to comfort Tails. That night, the two broke into the prison in order to free Amadeus; Rosemary was concerned that the monarchy had overreacted and that the increased tension could spill out into civil war; she felt they had to act immediately in order to stabilize the situation. Amadeus protested, not wanting his wife imprisoned either, but she felt that since it was her speech that put him in jail, it was her duty to free him - that, and, as his wife, she loved him too much to leave him there. Unfortunately for the Prowers, NICOLE alerted Sonic of the break-in and the hedgehog soon arrived at the prison. Rosemary stood between her husband and Sonic, insisting Amadeus had done nothing wrong; Sonic replied that he had lead a riot against the king, which technically counts as treason. Rosemary pointed out that half the city was on her husband's side, and Sonic said that while that shows people agreed with his views, that didn't make it right. She then pleaded that putting Tails' father in jail would hurt his friend, but Sonic remarked that as he had practically raised Tails, the young fox would get over it. To his surprise, this earned him a surprise punch from Tails, who told his parents to run. Rosemary was appalled when her husband did just that, voicing her earlier vow to never abandon her son, but Amadeus pointed out how capable and brave Tails was, and that this was their only chance. (StH: #178)

Upon arriving at Castle Acorn, the situation escalated; Rosemary angrily asked Elias if he would ignore the voices of the people. As tempers flared, Amadeus and Elias began to duel, with Rosemary watching from the sidelines; fortunately for both parties, Princess Sally Acorn intervened at the last moment, bringing the two to their senses and helping them resolve the conflict. Later, as they discussed the situation over tea, Rosemary sat with Megan Acorn and her baby Alexis Acorn. They worked out a new system of government involving a ruling council made up of six elected representatives with the current monarch serving as a seventh; the Kingdom was reformed into the Republic of Acorn. While Amadeus declined to run for election, Rosemary entered into the race for a position on the council, and won. (StH: #179, #180)

Council Member[]

Acorn Council

Rosemary on the Council of Acorn.

The assembled council members did their best to aid separate groups during the crisis when the re-birth of the super-powered Echidna villain Enerjak. While the Chaotix, who sought to go to Angel Island to find the missing Knuckles in light of the recent events, the Council decreed that they and the Freedom Fighters were to stay in the city, insisting that acting on too little knowledge could lead to horrible developments. This was rectified when, upon appointing Sally as Field Leader of the Freedom Fighters, they allowed Sonic and Tails to go to Angel Island to find Knuckles, with Tails gaining his mother's approval. Rosemary, the council, and the royal family were secured in the city's bunkers when Enerjak arrived at the city's gates, while the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix assembled to fight him off. (StH: #180, #181, #182)

Following the Suppression Squad's invasion of Freedom HQ, Rosemary was one of the members who voted against the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix taking action, instead putting an emphasis on continuing the invasion of New Megaopolis. After discovering both Sonic and Sally went against the council's wishes, Rosemary and the rest of the council opted to punish Sonic and charge Sally with treason. During Sally's hearing, Rosemary attempted to link Elias' knowledge of Sally's actions to a larger "royal conspiracy." They later rescinded their decision after hearing Sally plead her case fully. (StH: #191, #197)

Following the apparent defeat of Eggman, Rosemary attended Mina Mongoose's victory concert. When the Iron Dominion invaded New Mobotropolis, attempts to secure the council failed when Castle Acorn was forcibly sealed shut. However, once the Dominion had fallen, the council resumed its usual activities. When a transmission came from the Arctic Freedom Fighters requesting assistance, the council decided that Sonic would be sent to the Northern Tundra. When Sonic delivered news that Geoffrey St. John had apparently turned on the Republic with the theft of the purple Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone, Rosemary voiced concern over what authority Geoffrey was acting on and suggested the Royal Family be moved to a safe location until he explained himself. Despite her protests, her suggestion was turned down by Elias who insisted his place was on the council and that she was greatly mistake to believe Sally would sit and hide either. (StH: #201, #208, #215, #220)

The council met shortly thereafter to discuss the citizens' fear of NICOLE, but were interrupted in their proceedings as Ixis Naugus barged into the meeting, asserting his claim to the throne. Sonic quickly intervened and became engaged in battle with the wizard, but Rosemary and her pairs began to discuss the possibilities behind Naugus' proposal. Much to Sir Charles Hedgehog's outrage, Rosemary remarked that the constitution merely called for a king without specifying who it should be. She and the others were unwittingly affected by Naugus' magic as he amplified their emotions to turn things to his favor. Before they could come to any resolution, however, the Death Egg Mark 2 launched, and all of them were caught up in the reality warping effects of Operation: Clean Sweep.(StH: #223, #224 #225)

Following Super Sonic's use of Chaos Control, which undid most of the operation's effects, Rosemary and her compatriots were forced to accept Naugus as their king. Her duties on the council prevented her from going to comfort Tails, who was struggling with the near death of his friend Antoine D'Coolette as well as the Sally becoming Robotnik's most dangerous enforcer, Mecha Sally. She and the rest of the council-with the exception of Rotor-voted to exile NICOLE, which Rotor responded to by resigning from the council. Rosemary then joined the others in approving the reformation of the Knothole Freedom Fighters into Team Freedom under Rotor and Team Fighters under Sonic. Team Freedom would protect the city from attack, while Team Fighters-including Tails-would pursue the Death Egg and attempt to rescue Sally. (StH: #229, #230, #231, #232, #235, #236)

Rosemary was prominent in challenging Naugus' attempts to force his will upon the council, reminding him that his power as ruler wasn't absolute. After receiving a surprise visit from Leeta and Lyco of the Wolf Pack, the council were unknowingly saved by the pair-as well as their new teammates, the Secret Freedom Fighters-from Naugus' machinations. Frustrated with the resistance put up by Rosemary and the others to his authority, Naugus determined to enslave them by performing a spell from his Ritual Chamber. Unawares, Rosemary and her compatriots met at Military HQ to ratify the new constitution, only to find the lock on the front door broken. This and subsequent issues-including the loss of the new constitution, which Penelope had thought delivered to Rosemary, and the lights going out-were in fact the work of Secret Freedom Fighter Larry Lynx. Eventually the new constitution was ratified, while Naugus blamed the tremor caused by his failed battle with the Secret Freedom Fighters on a cave-in. After Isabella Mongoose joined the council, Rosemary invited he to open the agenda on her first day. She then became involved in the discussion of Isabella's proposal to reverse NICOLE's exile, and joined the rest of the council in voting to do so-though NICOLE would return under "monitored conditions."(StH: #241; SU: #42, #43, #44)


Rosemary is a gentle and kind person and will stand up for those she loves regardless of the consequences. However, as an activist, she's opinionated and stands firm in her convictions that the Kingdom of Acorn needed to become more democratic; while loyal to the republic, she still has some reservations about the monarchy. Having been separated from her son for ten years, she still loves him deeply and is proud of the person he's grown to be.


Rosemary is a brown fox with blue eyes. Her design has generally been somewhat inconsistent over the years; initially, she merely looked like an older, feminine version of Tails (though, of course, with a single tail). Matching his initial color scheme, her fur was depicted in browns and creams; when Tails changed to orange and white, she initially remained the same, though sometimes she has leaned towards the newer color scheme or gained a whiter muzzle. Her hair, starting off as a simple tuft on her forehead, became more elaborate; first with slight curls, then longer and wavier. It has alternated between light brown and red; while the red is now more common, this, coupled with her inconstant fur color, has resulted in many readers confusing her with Sally, Alicia and even Megan Acorn. She is sometimes depicted with eye makeup. Early on, she was depicted in a hospital gown and later a simple blue dress with a yellow shoulder covering. Later, she generally wore a heavy wrap dress in purple/pink, usually covering the shoulders, sometimes with tasseled hems. Sometimes she was shown wearing yellow beads. As a member of the Council of Acorn, she commonly wears the standard blue and red uniform with a red sash. She is almost always depicted as going barefooted.

Rosemary's fur color consists of different shades of brown, similar to those of Tails' original colors from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which were maintained in the comic up until the late 90s with the release of Sonic Adventure. Strangely, although Tails' fur color eventually shifted into his more game-accurate orange and white tones, Rosemary, Amadeus and Merlin retained their brown tones.

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