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Rose Woman
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Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily



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Amy Rose

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Rose Woman is the Robian version of Amy Rose, created using the robotics of the Year 20XX and the Roboticization process of Mobius. She is one of the Roboticized Masters.



Amy Rose was captured by Doctor Eggman and his new partner Dr. Wily, along with Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, and all of them were turned into Roboticized Masters. Rose Woman was sent with the others to steal a Chaos Emerald from the Mega City Bank, where they were confronted by Proto Man. Rose Woman and Knuckles Man quickly overpowered their attacker, but Rose Woman was then attacked by Mega Man. After a brief battle with the Robot Master, she and her teammates escaped through a Warp Ring with Metal Sonic's assistance. The group briefly split up before rendezvousing-minus Tails Man-back at the Wily Egg and presenting the Emerald to the doctors. (StH: #248, SU: #51, MM: #24)

Their primary mission accomplished, Rose Woman and her fellow Masters were sent to attack Mega Man, Sonic, and the rest of their party when they managed to enter the Skull Egg Zone. After briefly battling the team of heroes, she and most of her comrades were then dispatched to pursue Proto Man. The task was eventually left to her and Knuckles Man alone while the other remaining Masters were dispatched on other assignments. (StH: #249, #52)


Amy is Saved

Eventually, the pair of Robot Masters located Proto Man shortly after he was found by the Chaotix. Before they could attack, however, they were contacted by Eggman and Wily and ordered to attack Sonic and Mega Man instead, and were cleared to eliminate them by any means necessary. Taking the order quite literally, Rose Woman remarked that her self-destruct feature was now a viable option. She and Knuckles Man soon attacked the band of heroes, and proved to be quite formidable. Realizing that the Masters were taking advantage of their attempts to coordinate with each other, Mega Man had Rush get Sonic away from Rose Woman so that he could use the Fire Tornado weapon he had acquired against her. Stunned by the attack, Rose Woman was subjected to Mega Man's modified Mega Buster/Spin-Dash charged shot and restored to her organic form. (MM: #26, SU: #53)


Rose Woman, as a robotic version of Amy Rose, possesses great strength. Similar to Metal Amy, her primary weapons are her hands, which appear in the form of the Piko Hammer weapon, based on Amy's Piko Piko Hammer. She proved to be a formidable combatant, and it was only by hitting her with the full force of Blaze Woman's Fire Tornado attack that Mega Man was able to immobilize her and restore her to normal.

Background Information[]

  • Rose Woman was the first female Roboticized Master, and the only member of that group not to have her first name included in her Roboticized Master name.
  • Rose Woman is also the first known Robian version of Amy Rose, and besides Mecha Sally is the only known Robian version of a female member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.


Rose Woman resembles a robotic version of Amy with Robot Master-like features. Amy's boots have fused to her legs, becoming more cylindrical in shape with rounded white feet. She shares a metallic version of Amy's dress, with a white band around her midsection. Amy's headband has become a red band of metal on the top of her head that reaches down towards her green optic sensors. She also has a flattened peach muzzle, and her hair has become an almost helmet-like metal casing. She has white balls for shoulders, with pink arms that end in Piko Piko Hammer heads.