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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
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Roll Light
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Year 200X (Alternate Earth)

  • Dr. Light
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Roll Light is a helper robot created by Dr. Light on Earth in the Year 20XX in another zone. She is the sister of Mega Man and Proto Man, and regards Dr. Light as her father.


Early Life[]

Roll was created by Dr. Light at the same time as her brother Rock, after their older brother Blues had run away from home. The two worked as Dr. Light's assistants, helping him on such projects as the Light Robot Masters. Sadly, their peaceful lives were interrupted by Dr. Light's old colleague Dr. Wily, who stole the Robot Masters and used them in a bid to take over the world. In order to stop him, Rock volunteered to be transformed into a fighting robot, and took on the persona of Mega Man. Roll would remain his constant support during his battles with Wily and other adventures, though her love for her brother didn't stop her from getting annoyed at his occasional foolhardy behavior. She was present at the celebration of Mega Man's "birthday" when Break Man-in reality their long-lost brother Blues-attacked due to Wily's provocation, and when a mysterious force washed over their entire world. (AMM; FCBD: #7)

Worlds Collide[]

After the Genesis Wave washed over their reality, Roll and her family found themselves transported somewhat into the future, unaware of what had transpired. She then came to alert Dr. Light and Rock, who were working on a new Robot Master, of a news report regarding Blues. Seeing his brother under attack by the Roboticized Masters, Mega Man left to help while Roll remained behind to assist Dr. Light. Proto Man subsequently came to Light Labs after Mega Man had left in pursuit of his attackers, and provided them with scans of the Warp Ring that had served the enemy robots as a getaway point. Seeing Blues in bad shape, Roll insisted that he be repaired, and given his feelings towards Dr. Light said that she would handle it herself. Unfortunately, their home was subsequently attacked by Metal Sonic and Bass, who abducted Dr. Light despite Proto Man's efforts to stop them. Right at that moment Mega Man returned in company with Rush, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and others of his robotic allies. Working together, they managed to recreate the Warp Ring used by the villains to escape, and Roll volunteered to remain behind with Auto while her brothers and the Mobian heroes went to rescue Dr. Light. (SU: #51; StH: #248; MM: #25)

Roll and Auto were on hand when their friend Duo arrived at Light Labs in response to a distress signal previously sent by Dr. Light. After opening another Warp Ring to allow him to join the battle in the Skull Egg Zone, Roll sent out a distress call to the original set of Robot Masters Dr. Light had created. Upon their arrival, she sent them through to join the battle as well with hover-boards. Shortly thereafter, Super Mega Man undid the effects of the Genesis Wave on his universe, returning Roll and everyone else to their proper time and place. (SU: #53; StH: #251; MM: #27)

Worlds Unite[]

Some time later, Roll took part in rebuilding Light Labs, which had been destroyed by one of Dr. Wily's schemes. When Rock left to go on a supply run, Roll expressed concern at the idea of him going alone, and he tried to reassure her with the reminder that Wily was presumed dead and their other foes imprisoned. Unfortunately, Roll's fears proved true, as Mega Man went missing shortly before the city was attacked by Sonic Man. Sadly, the Light Robot Masters proved to be no match for the corrupted Sonic, and Dr. Light was forced to call upon several of Wily's Robot Masters for help. They were joined by Roll's friend Quake Woman, who knew that the current situation was upsetting to Roll. Both they and Break Man failed to triumph, and the Unity Engines set up by Sonic Man and M'egga Man began fusing Roll's world with the planet Mobius. The resulting Unified World saw Roll meet the Maverick Hunters, Knothole Freedom Fighters, and Team Sticks, as well as being reunited with Rock after he was return to normal. The pair then joined their brother, Quake Woman, Wily's Robot Masters, and their other new allies aboard the Sky Patrol in order to hunt down Sigma-1, the villain responsible for Rock's transformation and the merging of their worlds. (SU: #76; SB: #8; StH: #273; MM: #50)

Roll later helped Rock while he was training in the Sky Patrol's simulation room, where they were joined by X of the Maverick Hunters. The two blue heroes' stories soon unfolded as they trained together, and both Rock and Roll were stunned to learn that X was another creation of Dr. Light's from their world's future. After revealing the horror his world had become, he revealed that he had considered asking Dr. Light not to create him. However, the pair encouraged him to press forward, before Rock and X were summoned to a meeting on the bridge. Roll then received a mysterious note inviting her back to the training room, where she found herself facing a gauntlet set up by Sticks the Badger. Eventually it came out that Roll's trademark broom had been mistaken for a robotic spy by the somewhat unhinged resident of the Sonic Boom Zone. Roll later joined Sally Acorn, Nicole, and Cream the Rabbit in coordinating their friends' efforts against Sigma's Mechaniloid army. When the Deadly Six leaders of the enemy robots forced the Robot Master and Maverick Hunters to attack the others, Roll was ordered to stay inside with Cream to insure that she didn't likewise end up a pawn of the Zeti. (MM: #50; WUB: StH; SU: #77; StH: #274)

Roll didn't take part in the ensuing battle against Sigma's army of Maverick Time-Clones, but apparently split into teams with the other heroes in order to track down the Mavericks and recruit more heroes. It is unknown where she traveled before joining the expanded force in a massive attack on Sigma. Sadly, their success in destroying his defenses and his giant body proved hollow, as the massive form was a mere shell protecting his final form. He soon defeated the army of his enemies, and Super Sonic and Super Mega Man were forced to challenge him. They eventually defeated him, but reality was left dangerously unstable. This time the role of hero fell to Rock and Roll's old nemesis Xander Payne, who bent reality to prevent Sigma from ever going back in time in the first place. Roll thus found herself back at Light Labs, the conflict having never transpired, just in time to welcome Rock home from his supply run. (MM: #51, #52; StH: #275)


Roll is a loving, caring individual, deeply concerned for her family and friends and always looking to help. Despite this, she has her feisty side, refusing to take no for an answer when she knows she's right.


What Roll has not displayed in combat ability, she makes up for in her technical knowledge-she is a skilled technician both in terms of robot repair and operating machinery.



An alternate outfit of Roll's.

Roll resembles a young girl with long blonde hair that she keeps up in a ponytail tied with a green bow. Her attire consists of a red sleeveless dress with matching shoes that have pointed toes and circular protrusions on the sides.

Background Information[]

  • When combined with the civilian name of her brother Rock (Mega Man), this works in tandem to create a pun on the musical genre "rock and roll".
  • In addition to appearing in actual issues of the crossover, Roll appeared during a fantasy of Dr. Wily's in which he imagined returning to his world to terrorize it with the Wily Egg.
  • The images on this page come from Mega Man #19, which was not a part of either crossover.