Robotnik's Robots are the Badniks of the Discovery Zone who serve Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik dispatched them to intercept Sally Acorn, causing her to leave behind her computer NICOLE. Desperate, Sally asked Sonic the Hedgehog to retrieve her; during this mission, Sonic ran afoul of four of these robots. After managing to destroy them, Sonic met up with Sally at the Wharf Side Dance Hall, only to be surrounded by Robotnik and another group of Badniks: a force of Combots. However, Sonic managed to trick them, allowing him and Sally to escape. (StH: #52)

Background Information

  • Apart from the Combots, most of the robots are based on characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Lost in Space, namely:
    • Crow
    • Tom Servo
    • Cambot
    • Robot B-9
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