The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Current Continuity

The Roboticizer was a medical device created by Professor Charles the Hedgehog and stolen by Dr. Eggman, who used it to turn Mobians into his obedient slaves. It was originally intended to save victims affected by life-threatening conditions.


Early Use and Uselessness

The Roboticizer was created by Professor Charles the Hedgehog, and usurped by Dr. Eggman for his own nefarious ends. It was developed for medical purposes, though sadly it wasn't finished in time to help save the life of Nikki the Lynx. However, Charles later used it to save the life of Bunnie Rabbot after she was gravely injured during Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis. However, through unknown means the machine was evidently rendered inoperative. When Eggman left Efrika, the Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo expressed worry when asked why they trusted him still--that there were rumors that the roboticizer was now functional. It is highly possible that a variation of the roboticizer still exists, albeit not in the state it was once feared with. (StH #253, #259, SSD: #9; SU: #73)

Shattered World Crisis

After assisting Dr. Eggman in reclaiming Eggmanland from the Naugus Twins and Witchcarters, Maw the Thylacine returned to his Egg Army unit in Tralius with a new experimental Roboticizer to run tests on. (SU: #86)

Background Information

  • The machine was incorrectly referred to as the "Robotizer" in StH #129. Some argue that this was the unique name of the Bem's device. However, Sonic refers to Dr. Robotnik's machine as the "Robotizor" instead of "Roboticizer" as well, supporting the idea that it was incorrectly spelled throughout the whole issue. Eggman later called it the "Robotizer" during the Genesis Saga, but when the world returned to normal Snively corrected him with the proper version of "Robotization".
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