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Sonic in a roboticizer

The Roboticizer is a device originally created by Sir Charles Hedgehog to increase the lifespan of the elderly and sick via the process of roboticization. Sadly, its properties were corrupted and exploited by Dr. Robotnik and later Dr. Eggman, who utilized its technology to create Robian slaves.


Invention and Early Usage

Sir Charles Hedgehog created the Roboticizer for medical purposes, but unbeknownst to him it was subsequently sabotaged by Julian Kintobor, who later became Dr. Robotnik. Sir Charles abandoned the device when it turned his dying brother Jules Hedgehog into a mindless robot, robbing him of his free will. The device and its blueprints were transferred over to the War Ministry by Warlord Kintobor before they could be destroyed however. Following his successful military coup, Julian, rechristened Dr. Ivo Robotnik, used the roboticizer to transform the much of the Mobian population into Robians - mindless robotic slaves loyal only to him. A number of portable versions were created as well, two of which were captured by the Knothole Freedom Fighters only to burn out after some limited use. (StH: #29, #43, #78, #79, CSE)

Eggman's Methods and Neutralization

The roboticizer's use was abandoned following the death of Dr. Robotnik, though his alternate universe counterpart Robo-Robotnik modified his robotic body to roboticize with a mere touch. This ability was removed when the Bem scientist Ceneca 9009 converted him into an organic life form. Additionally, Ceneca 9009 converted all the Robians back to their organic forms with the exception of Jules, who would have died from the wounds he obtained prior to being roboticized during the Great War. (StH: #50, #100, #118, #123)



Sonic and Sally find the Death Egg's world Roboticizer.

By 3237, Eggman believed he had regained the use of the machine during Operation: Clean Sweep, when he reset reality in the hopes of undoing the immunity placed upon Mobius' people by the Bem, while also removing Sonic the Hedgehog's "Chaos Factor" to ensure his victory. Eggman planned on using the World Roboticizer, which was capable of affecting the entire world using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, that were housed with the World Roboticizer inside the Death Egg Mark 2. Though reality was eventually restored to normal, the Doctor still intended to use the World Roboticizer with the secondary purpose of eliminating the world powers that could oppose him, like G.U.N. and the United Federation, through the machine's side effect of blowing up all objects that were already mechanical. As Eggman ordered the Roboticizer to be fired, Sally and NICOLE were able to invert the beam onto Sally, making her the only victim while also inflicting heavy damage to the Death Egg with a resultant explosion. (StH: #225, #230)

Eggman would subsequently discover that only fifty percent of Mobius' population had been rendered susceptible to Roboticization by his efforts. As such, he continued to employ Legionization as an alternative form of enslavement, and notably intended to subject Lupe Wolf to it due to believing that she would retain her Roboticization immunity. (StH: #236, #237)

Background Information

  • The machine was incorrectly referred to as the "Robotizer" in StH #129. Some argue that this was the unique name of the Bem's device. However, Sonic refers to Dr. Robotnik's machine as the "Robotizor" instead of "Roboticizer" as well, thus proving it was incorrectly spelled throughout the whole issue. Eggman later called it the "Robotizer" during the Genesis Saga, but when the world return to normal Snively corrected him with the proper version of "Robotization".


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