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The Roboticized Masters were a group of Robian individuals who had been modified with Robot Master technology from the world of Mega Man. The concept was a collaboration between Doctors Eggman and Wily as a means to possess minions who could travel freely between their respective universes. Derived from Eggman's roboticization technique, the subject is turned into a robot based on Wily's design.



Roboticized Masters

Four of the Roboticized Masters attack.

After Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily joined forces, they conceived the idea of the Roboticized Masters, and put the idea into action after firing the Genesis Wave. Due to the difficulties they had faced in sending their operatives from one world to another, they decided to create a group of minions who combined elements of both worlds and thus could travel freely between them. Teaming up two of their top operatives-Metal Sonic v3.8 and Bass-they had the pair kidnap Tails, Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Amy Rose from Mobius. After being transformed into their Roboticized Master forms, the group was sent to rob the Mega City Bank, where they where confronted by Proto Man. They quickly overwhelmed their opponent, only for Proto Man's robot brother, Mega Man, to arrive and join the fight. After a brief confrontation-during which Mega Man learned that the Masters could be briefly stunned by his charged Mega Buster shots-the group escaped onto Mobius with Mega Man in pursuit. The Masters managed to escape from him and return to the Wily Egg, with the exception of Tails Man remaining behind to observe an ensuing battle between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. (SU: #51, MM: #24)

Additions and Losses

The Chaotix trio of Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee were captured by the Copybot when looking for the whereabouts of Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. Later on when Silver the Hedgehog was talking to Sonic in Green Hill Zone, the Copybot managed to capture him as well. Later all four of them, along with Blaze the Cat, were converted into the newest Roboticized Masters: Vector Man, Espio Man, Charmy Man, Silver Man, and Blaze Woman. However, the group lost a member when Tails Man, who had followed Sonic and Mega Man back to Mega City, was restored to normal after Sonic and Mega Man combined their attacks against him and Mega Man utilized his copy powers on the paralyzed Robian. Shortly thereafter, having retrieved the final Chaos Emerald, the remaining Roboticized Masters were deployed against Sonic and Mega Man's team, which included Tails, Proto Man, and Rush as well. (StH: 248, SU: #51, #52, MM: #25)

Rouge Woman

Rouge Woman

As a result of this battle, the Masters' forces were divided as Proto Man left to find Dr. Light, while the Roboticized Chaotix were restored to normal thanks to modifications made by Tails to Mega Man's Mega Buster to grant it the combined power of it's shots and Sonic's Spin-Dash. The remaining Masters, who had been sent after Proto Man, were further divided: Silver Man and Blaze Woman were recalled to the Wily Egg, Knuckles Man and Rose Woman remained on the hunt, and Shadow Man was teamed up with his Robot Master namesake. Shadow Man was subsequently restored to normal as well, followed shortly by Silver Man and Blaze Woman. This left Rose Woman and Knuckles Man as the last Roboticized Masters, and the pair were given clearance to self-destruct as a means of terminating their enemies. Fortunately, they were similarly restored to normal following a brief battle. However, a new Roboticized Master was almost immediately created: Rouge Woman, the Roboticized form of Rouge the Bat. She was deployed alongside a massive army of Robot Masters to defend the Wily Egg, but was quickly restored to normal by Mega Man, leaving the Roboticized Masters defunct. (StH: 249, 250, SU: 53, MM: #26)

Two More Masters

M'egga Man

M'egga Man

Sonic Man

Sonic Man

When the villainous Sigma forced Eggman and Wily to work together again under him, one of their first projects involved transforming Sonic and Mega Man into brand new Roboticized Masters, Sonic Man and M'egga Man. Hoping to double-cross Sigma and make his plans theirs, the doctors suggested he have the blue heroes captured by the Deadly Six, whom he had also enslaved. The doctors then proceeded to transform their nemeses into a pair of lethal robotic warriors, albeit not before secretly programming them to attack each other upon sight of each other, which would De-Roboticize them. Each Roboticized Master was then sent to the other's world upon conversion to deploy Sigma's Unity Engines. In Mega City, Sonic Man was confronted by the Light Robot Masters, eight reformed Wily Robot Masters led by Quake Woman, and finally Break Man (Proto Man's anti-heroic alter-ego). At the same time, M'egga Man faced off against the Freedom Fighters, Knuckles, and the Gizoid Gemerl in Mobotropolis. Despite the efforts and superior numbers of the resistance, the duo easily defeated all of their respective opponents, before activating the Unity Engines. As their worlds came together, the duo appeared before each other and prepared to fight as their secondary programming kicked in. After an intense battle, the two cured each other, and the Roboticized Master ceased to be once again. (SB: #8, STH: #273; MM: #50)


Background Information

  • The Roboticized Masters represent a combination of themes from the Sonic and Mega Man franchises: the Roboticization process from Sonic, and the Robot Masters from Megaman.
  • All of the Roboticized Masters' names come from the name of their organic forms, rather than being derived from their abilities like most Robot Masters. Rose Woman is the only Roboticized Master whose name isn't taken from her organic self's first name.
  • Each of the Roboticized Masters has a designation of "EWN-00X", ending in a number determining their placement in the group. This is a further nod to the Roboticized Masters, who all have a similar designation in addition to an actual name. Presumably, the "EWN" designation refers to Eggman Wily Number. Knuckles Man, Shadow Man, Rose Woman, Silver Man, and Blaze Woman were listed (though not specifically) as being part of the group EWN-001 through EWN-005 in one issue, while the Chaotix are listed similarly as being EWN-006 through 008. Tails Man was not identified by a particular number, though given his prototype status it is possible that he would be considered EWN-000, similar to Proto Man's status as DLN (Doctor Light Number) 000. It was later revealed that Shadow Man is model 003, Silver Man 004, and Blaze Woman 005.
  • Of the ten Roboticized Masters from Worlds Collide, four-Rouge Woman and the three Chaotix-did not appear in any of the Mega Man issues of the crossover. Rouge Woman only appeared in StH: #250, while the Chaotix Masters appeared in SU: #52 and StH: #249. All of the other Masters appeared in issues from all three series included in the crossover.
  • The "Short Circuits" for MM #27 featured "Big Man", a Roboticized Master version of Big the Cat, as a "Failed Concept" for Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. Sonic Boom #8's comedy strip also featured a "Comedy Chimp Man."
  • Of the heroic/anti-heroic Sonic characters featured in more than cameo roles in the Worlds Collide crossover, the only ones who don't become Roboticized Masters at any point are Sonic and Omega. Sonic, of course, was meant to defeat or be defeated by Mega Man, while Omega is already a robot. Sonic would later be turned into a Roboticized Master during Worlds Unite.
  • Sonic Universe 54 featured the Roboticized Masters depicted on a screen resembling character selection screens from the Mega Man games. A blank question mark square was included, foreshadowing the creation of Rouge Woman.
  • Eight of the Worlds Collide Roboticized Masters-Tails Man and Rouge Woman having been excluded-appeared on the convention variant cover of StH #251.
  • M'egga Man is a strange member, as he was already a robot and therefore wasn't roboticized. But it could be argued that he is a member of the group because he is a combination of the technology found on Sonic's world (Some of the design alterations) and the Eggman programming while Mega Man himself is made up of technology from 20XX.
    • M'egga Man is the only non-Sonic character in the group.

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