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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
For more information on the Robot Masters outside of the "Worlds Collide" crossover, please see Robot Master.


The Robot Master Army is a group of super fighting robots who originate from Earth in the year 20XX in an alternate reality. They were either created by or reprogrammed to serve Dr. Wily, and he and Dr. Eggman used them as troops during their efforts to take over both Dr. Wily's Earth and Eggman's homeworld.


Serving the Doctors[]

Having served as Dr. Wily's minions during his attempts to conquer Earth 20XX, the Robot Masters also helped him and Dr. Eggman construct the Wily Egg after the two of them teamed up. Additionally, the properties of the Skull Egg Zone created by the two doctors to facilitate their plans included the ability to time clone various Robot Masters who had previously been destroyed. While working on building up this veritable army, the two doctors also combined the concept of the Masters with Eggman's Roboticization process in order to turn several of Eggman's enemies into a new group of robot servants: the Roboticized Masters. Two existing Robot Masters-Bass and Copybot-were also instrumental in capturing candidates for this transformation process, and Copybot also lured Sonic into battle with Mega Man while Bass later kidnapped Dr. Light with Metal Sonic's assistance. Copybot and another trio of Robot Masters, the Genesis Unit, also attacked Sonic and Mega Man's group after the two heroes joined forces, but were defeated. Shortly thereafter, the doctors began time-cloning the other Robot Masters, deploying Shadow Man alongside his Roboticized Master namesake. (MM: #24, #25, #26, SU: #51, #52, StH: #249)

With the majority of the Roboticized Masters restored to normal, the doctors deployed their Robot Master army-accompanied by the newest and last Roboticized Master, Rouge Woman-as the first line of defense for the Wily Egg. This force engaged in a major battle with Sonic, Mega Man, and their assorted allies, who managed to hold their own despite being greatly outnumbered. After Rouge was restored to normal, part of the group-Sonic, Mega Man, Tails, and Rush-left the battle in order to board the Wily Egg while their allies remained to do battle with the army. Once aboard, however, they found more Robot Masters waiting for them, namely Bass and the Mega Man Killers. They succeeded in defeating both, as well as Metal Sonic and Bass' dog Treble, though not without Tails becoming injured and having to withdraw. Meanwhile, the sheer number of Robot Masters took its toll on their allies, who were eventually surrounded by the remnants of the army. (SU: #53, #54, StH: #250, MM: #27)

Just when the Robot Masters' victory seemed inevitable, reinforcements arrived for the heroes: the original eight Robot Masters created by Dr. Light. Guts Man, Cut Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, Oil Man, and Time Man rained their weaponry on their evil brethren, providing a much needed relief to the beleaguered heroes. Their arrival allowed Dr. Light, Proto Man, and Knuckles the Echidna to penetrate the Wily Egg and aid Sonic and Mega Man. As a result, the heroes were able to defeat the evil doctors, though not before the Genesis Wave washed over both realities, enveloping the Robot Master army and their enemies. Subsequently, however, Mega Man restored his universe back to its previous condition, returning all the Robot Masters back to their proper places in time. (StH: #251)

Background Information[]

  • Several of the Robot Masters in this group were actually neither created nor designed by Dr. Wily. Other creators include Dr. Light, Dr. Cossack, and other unknown designers unnamed in the Mega Man games.
  • Over eighty Wily-aligned Robot Masters appeared in the crossover, making them the largest group of individually named characters in either the Mega Man or Sonic series.
  • Interestingly both Clown Man and Frost Man appear as part of the group, this would normally be impossible as Frost Man contains the leftover parts of Clown Man after his death. This is easily explained due to the time manipulation.
  • Several characters commonly considered Robot Masters who have worked for Dr. Wily did not appear as part of this army, namely:
    • King
    • The Stardroids
    • Quint (Quint did make a cameo appearance, playing cards with Big the Cat aboard the Wily Egg)
    • Ra-Thor