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Robolactus and Silver Snively.

Robolactus is the giant planet-eating descendant of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Robolactus is a fierce enemy of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy and has a servant called Silver Snively. (StH: #104)

He was later caught by Zone Cops and thrown into Zone Jail with Silver Snively. (StH:#31)

Background Information

  • Robolactus is an obvious parody of Galactus, a virtually identical (at least in purpose) villain from the Marvel Comics and was also featured in The Tick.
  • A close approximation of Robolactus, Robotnicus, first appeared in StH: #38.
  • Robolactus and Silver Snively both make a cameo appearance in SU: 31 as No-Zone prisoners.
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