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The satellites combined as the ROBOTNIK ORBITAL PLATFORM floating above Mobius.

Robo-Robotnik's satellites were a group of eight satellites created by Robo-Robotnik (later known as Dr. Eggman) in the future dimension he was trapped in. They were coded by the letters that spelled out "Robotnik." The satellites had many capabilities for inducing terror among Mobius, including combining together into the ROBOTNIK ORBITAL PLATFORM. When discovering his dimensional counterpart Robotnik Prime had been annihilated, he transported his satellites to Mobius Prime in the hopes of conquering Mobius. From inside these satellites, Robo-Robotnik manipulated events throughout the planet, including releasing Snively Robotnik, Nack the Weasel, Kodos, Uma Arachnis, and the future Destructix from prison in the Devil's Gulag, causing an avalanche in the Southern Tundra, activating a group of Robians at the Great Rainforest, raining a hail of meteorites over Old Mobotropolis, unleashing a giant cybernetic Mutate squid that Robo-Robotnik controlled, sending a energy beam at Knothole, telling a biography of Robotnik's life, and capturing the Robians in Knothole, in order to lure Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters into a trap and prepare for the Second Robotnik War. It was then transformed into the space station known as the ROBOTNIK ORBITAL PLATFORM. After transporting most of the Robian population aboard from Knothole Village as workers and bait, Robo-Robotnik used it to trap the Knothole Freedom Fighters temporarily while his army invaded Mobotropolis and retook the city. The station was later destroyed by the Freedom Fighters after they were released by Snively. (StH: #62, #64, #67, #68, #70, #71, #72, #75)

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