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Rhygenta Profile


Rhygenta is one of the Dark Arms born on Angel Island and cared for by Eclipse the Darkling after the rest of the Black Arms race was destroyed.


Like the other Dark Arms, Rhygenta was created from the Wisp alien race, several specimens of whom were captured by the New Black Comet from their homeworld on a detour from their journey towards the planet Mobius. Like his brothers Cregal, Cyzer, and Blurk, Rhygenta was evacuated from the comet prior to its destruction, and was one of only four Dark Arms to survive landing on Angel Island. Of the four, Rhygenta was the most docile, displaying obvious affection towards Eclipse and a lack of aggression towards his fellow Dark Arms. Like the others he joined Eclipse in attempting to claim the Master Emerald, but didn't take part in the clash with Team Dark and their allies. It was only when Eclipse faced Shadow the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna and was left bereft of help that Rhygenta joined the battle. His power enabled Eclipse to escape, though the Master Emerald was lost to the Dark Arms. (SU: #62, #67, #68, #69, #70)


Rhygenta is apparently the most peaceful of the Dark Arms, displaying no hostility towards the others.


Dark Arm Power - Sonic Cannon

Eclipse using "Dark Arm Power: Sonic Cannon" by fusing with Rhygenta.

Rhygenta's power allows it to transform the arm of its user into a cannon capable of unleashing a devastating sonic blast.

Background Information

  • Rhygenta appears to be based on the Magenta Wisps.
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