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Reynard the Wolf
Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Green vest
  • Gold wristbands
  • Sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities

Reynard is a Mobian Wolf and member of the Wolf Pack. He is second-in-command of the group under Lupe and Lobo.


Aiding the Knothole Freedom Fighters

Reynard was the first member of the Pack to encounter Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, and Antoine D'Coolette trespassing in the Wolf Caves. During the closing days of the First Robotnik War, he took part in the joint Knothole Freedom Fighter-Wolf Pack attack on Robotropolis in which Sally Acorn was severely wounded. (StH: #47, #113)

Returning Home

After the Wolf Pack left the recently-reclaimed city of Mobotropolis following the demise of Dr. Robotnik, Reynard described it as a relief to leave "that sewer," to which Lupe replied that to them, it was home. Hoping to return to their own home, the Pack set out for the Great Unknown beyond the Great Canyon. However, they soon found their surroundings unfamiliar and came across a raging river. They boarded a raft in order to cross, Reynard and Diablo manning the oars. After they arrived ashore, Reynard urged the others to hurry as the weather worsened. The pack soon found themselves in the ruins of a city. While seeking shelter, the group heard noise and began to investigate an abandoned building, though Reynard showed doubt at the safety of the situation. Lupe soon found an Overlander girl hiding behind some boxes; while Lupe showed concern over the child's safety, Reynard felt it was risky, figuring that other Overlanders were likely nearby and that it could even be a trap. When he suggested they just "get rid of the brat" he found himself being attacked by a second child, fearful that her sister was about to be hurt. Reynard easily scooped up the child, feeling that this only proved his point, but Lupe insisted he hand her over, promising the children that they wouldn't be hurt and asking their names. The child introduced herself as Aerial and her mute sister as Athena, telling Lupe that everyone else in the city was gone. While Reynard felt Aerial was lying, Lupe told him to be quiet while she figured out what to do. (StH: #67, #68)

The Pack found themselves trapped in the city for the next ten days as the storms only got worse. During this time, Reynard maintained his position that the Overlander girls were nothing but trouble; while he and Lupe searched the city for supplies, he explained that just because the girls' parents may have met an unfortunate end, that didn't make the girls their responsibility, adding that they already had their own burdens to handle. Lupe, however, said that she would like to think that if someone came across abandoned wolf children that they'd be treated with kindness, adding that turning their backs on these two would make them no better than those they fought against. As they returned to the others, Reynard said he hoped Lupe knew what she was doing. He later reacted with some shock when Lupe announced that Aerial and Athena were to join the pack and be taught their ways. (StH: #69)

The Pack eventually made its way to its former home, only to find that city in ruin as well. Reynard felt that it might have been pointless to come back. While looking for signs of or messages left by survivors, the entire group was suddenly knocked unconscious with gas, later waking up in a cell. Finding themselves captured by the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog and a group of Shadowbots, the Pack was forced to watch Lupe allowed herself to be roboticized so she could be with her family, who had also been found roboticized and under the command of Charles. However, with her last ounce of free will, Lupe enabled Reynard and the others to escape. Later, they erected a grave marker for Lupe. (SSS: #11)

Eventually, though, Lupe and her family were de-roboticized by the Bem, and the Wolf Pack reassembled. The Pack then left Knothole and resumed traveling. While in the woods, they suddenly found themselves in the path of A.D.A.M.'s spreading Nanites; Reynard commented on its relentless pursuit as they fled. However, the group eventually made its way to safety, joining others of their people in forming a new Wolf Pack Nation. Later, Reynard joined an armed expedition into the territory of the neighboring Felidae, though fortunately Sonic the Hedgehog was able to turn the hostility between the two groups against the Dark Egg Legion chapter hiding in their midst. Reynard was also quick to notice Lupe's direction to stop, and prevented Lobo from pursuing the fleeing Legion and getting them into a fight that they were unprepared for. Later, he welcomed Sonic, Sally, and Big the Cat into the nation as honorary members. (StH: #152, #213, #214)


While not spiteful, Reynard is somewhat pessimistic and distrustful, prone to questioning almost everything and assuming the worst. He doesn't hesitate to make his doubts and concerns known, often causing some friction with Lupe and Diablo. Despite this, his cautious and observant nature has led Lupe and Lobo to rely on him as their second-in-command, despite the fact hat he is a bit too blunt.


Reynard is a brown wolf with blue eyes. His design is loosely based upon that of one of the four wolves accompanying Lupe in the SatAM episode "Cry of the Wolf." Early on, his head was shaped somewhat wide, though, as with the Wolf Pack in general, his design often suffers from inconsistency. He is generally portrayed wearing a green shirt, gold wristbands and sandals. He is usually a much lighter or redder brown than Diablo, though in some instances they are nearly indistinguishable from each other.

Background Information

  • Reynard is often confused in art and script with Diablo.
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