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For the version from the Prime Zone, see: Remington

Remington of the House of Dimitri
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #25

Biographical information
  • Constable (formerly)
  • Grandmaster (formerly)


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
Political Alignment and Abilities

Remington, in an alternate future reality, was the former captain of the Echidna Security Team. He was among those who resisted the evil reign of Dark Enerjak, and subsequently was imprisoned and stripped of his Core.


Remington's early history was most likely the same as his Prime Zone counterpart's. The point where things differed was when Knuckles dissolved the High Council of Echidnaopolis and remade the Dark Legion into his personal army. Remington, along with the Chaotix and some of the Dark Legion tried to turn against him. Seeing how powerful and unstable Knuckles was becoming, Remington attempted to kill him before he became unstoppable and hid a bomb in his personal chambers. However, the bomb failed as Knuckles was already strong enough to survive an explosion, and it led to him adopting the persona of Enerjak. (ASUB)

After this, Remington joined an underground unit of rebels alongside the Chaotix and Julie-Su on Angel Island. The war against against Enerjak and the Dark Legion went poorly as time passed though, as most of the planet's inhabitants were reduced to Cores. After Vector was turned into a Prelate, Remington went to deliver the news to Julie-Su at their base, igniting an argument over their situation. It was at that point, that Remington witnessed Julie-Su's daughter, Lara-Su, demonstrate powers showing her connection to the Chaos Force like her father, which instead only worsened the argument, now over what to do with her. In order to protect her from the truth about her father, Knuckles, Julie-Su told Lara-Su that he had been killed by Remington. This, coupled with Remington's past arguments with her mother, made Lara-Su come to hate him on principle. (StH: #106, #107, ASUB)

Years later, Remington was captured and taken to Enerjak's citadel in Nekronopolis where he was held prisoner and toyed with for a while. Eventually, Enerjak took notice of a strange figure he had never seen before battling his Prelates in the streets, and decided to end his games with Remington. Remington remained defiant, promising Jani-Ca would stop him as Enerjak removed his Core and left Remington's husk hanging on the wall with his other victims. When Knuckles returned, he was no longer Enerjak, as he had been defeated and reduced to a withered old man, due to his powers being taken and passed onto Jani-Ca. Resisting the corruption that would come with being Enerjak, she looked for a means to test restoring the cores of her father's victims, and paused in front of Remington's body. Finally understanding that all he had done was to protect lives, she believed if he could, he would be the first person to volunteer for this if it meant finding a way to save the world. She then summoned his core and presented it to the body, praying for Remington to awaken as she began. (SU: #25, ASUB)

Background Information

  • This version of Remington was mentioned as a character in StH #106-107, but did not appear until SU #25. He is also the first alternate version of Remington to be seen in the comics.
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