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Remington of the House of Dimitri
Biographical information

27 (Born in 3210)

  • Constable (formerly)
  • Grandmaster (formerly)


Physical description
  • Constable uniform (formerly)
  • Dark Legion uniform (formerly)
  • Cybernetic parts (formerly)
  • Green outfit
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled with weapons
  • Basic combat skills

Remington was the former Constable of the Echidna Security Team which was the main police force and military of Echidnaopolis. For most of his life, Remington was unaware of his relationship to the Dark Legion despite being the son of its former Grandmaster, Kragok. Remington often assisted the Brotherhood of Guardians in maintaining peace and order in Echidnaopolis. Upon the city's return to Mobius Prime from their pocket zone, Remington found himself often having to deal with General Von Stryker and his fellow Dingoes as well as the Dark Legion until he became part of the latter group, and started a civil war with his aunt for power. Recently, after his memories were restored, Remington was placed in charge of the reconstruction efforts in Albion and later as the leader of a new E.S.T. team to protect the Echidnas. Sadly, following an assault by the Dark Egg Legion, Remington was banished to parts unknown by Thrash the Devil.


Early Life[]

Remington was born within the Twilight Zone as the son of then-Grandmaster Kragok and his wife Eli-Za. When his mother realized Remington's life was in constant danger from his aunt Lien-Da, whose position as Grandmaster required his death, Eli-Za used stolen Marauder technology to transport herself and Remington to the Prime Zone. They were intercepted by the Brotherhood of Guardians, who agreed to allow them to integrate into normal echidna society in exchange for tactical information on the Dark Legion. Both Remington and his mother had their Memory Neutralizing Chips activated, and both awoke as "poor amnesiacs" in Echidnaopolis. With no memory of his heritage, Remington came to pursue a career in the Echidna Security Team. Studious and committed, he rose through the ranks and became a protege of Constable Holmes. Remington replaced Holmes as Constable of the Echidna Security Team when the latter stepped down. (CSE)

Constable of the E.S.T.[]

When Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Ultimate Annihilator set off the reaction that caused Echidnaopolis to begin returning to Angel Island, Remington took Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su into custody shortly after their arrival in the metropolis. He led them to EST headquarters and held Julie under supervision while Knuckles spoke with the Guardian Hawking, his ancestor. Remington then proved to be a valuable ally in handling the Dingo uprising as the Dingo city also threatened to return on the same site as Echidnaopolis. After Hawking solved the problem and brought back both Echidnas and Dingoes in Echidnaopolis, Remington and his forces found themselves on call to prevent fighting between the two species, particularly as the Dingoes felt that they were being treated unfairly. Remington soon learned that his men were ill-prepared to deal with some of the more powerful forces on Mobius, as first Enerjak and then Mammoth Mogul invaded Echidnaopolis, the former leading the Dark Legion. Though Remington failed to prevail against either supervillain, particularly after the Mammoth transformed into Master Mogul, he was able to take Legion Grandmaster Kragok - who was, unbeknownst to Remington, his father - prisoner after Julie-Su turned traitor on the Dark Legion. (KtE: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)

Julie herself was held prisoner for a time under suspicion, but Remington eventually released her to help him and the Chaotix as they investigated a theme park run by Renfield T. Rodent, a former agent of Robotnik's now in cahoots with the mobster Ebony Hare. While the criminals proved a challenge, they were unable to defeat Remington's team, who arrested and imprisoned them after breaking up their illegal addictive condiment scheme. (KtE: #13, #14, #15)


Remington in his Echidna Security Team uniform

Remington later let Knuckles in to see Kragok when the Guardian was seeking answers regarding his recently returned ancestor Tobor, who had for years been impersonated by Grandmaster Moritori Rex without the knowledge of anyone outside the Legion but Tobor himself. Despite Remington's wish to protect the Guardian by providing him with officers for security, Knuckles refused, and as a result was the only one dragged into the Twilight Zone with Kragok when a portal to that realm unexpectedly opened inside the cell. (KtE: #18)

Remington and his men were soon on call again, this time to help the citizens of Echidnaopolis deal with a freak blizzard that caught the populace off guard, leaving many at the mercy of the elements until the EST arrived. He was then forced to inform Knuckles of the disappearance of his mother, Lara-Le, after she flew into that same storm looking to speak with his father Locke. After a fruitless search, Remington warded off Knuckles' suspicions that Remington knew more about the matter than he was telling, which were in fact true due to his exclusive knowledge of the Brotherhood of Guardians' existence. (KtE: #19, #20, #21)

Remington Benedict

Remington confronting Benedict at the latter's first political rally

The Dark Legion's efforts to seize Echidnaopolis through political means left Remington a captive of their android candidate, Benedict, after Remington had shown objection to the Dark Legion's presence. Benedict hinted at secrets in Remington's past that would be revealed if he refused to cooperate with the new order, but Remington remained ignorant-whether by design or in truth is unknown. Escaping the Legion's clutches, he came to Knuckles' rescue with the help of a Dingo taxi driver named Harry, whom Remington would call upon at times for aid despite Harry's reluctance. Investigating an electromagnetic pulse that rendered several Legionnaires inert, he found Knuckles unconscious following Dimitri's efforts to extract the secret of his Chaos powers. His next encounter with Knuckles was in a more pleasant setting, Remington having been invited to Knuckles' sixteenth birthday party. (KtE: #22, #23, #24, #28)

Dr. Eggman's attack on Angel Island in search of the Master Emerald brought Remington into his first engagement with the mad doctor, in which he and his men performed admirably in holding off the enemy. He then reported the attack to the Brotherhood, along with the first footage that any of the Guardians had seen of Dr. Eggman. Some time afterwards, he was in attendance at Lara-Le's wedding to her second husband Wynmacher, arm-in-arm with a beautiful female Echidna named Komi-Ko. Unfortunately, his time with her was cut short by yet another crisis as the Dark Legion returned and General Stryker gathered the Dingoes for a massive protest against the Echidnas. Remington joined his troops in line to stop the violent Dingo march, only to be caught up by the Quantum Beam fired by the Dark Legion. (StH: #79, #80, SSS: #14)

Sent to pocket zone, he remained there for some time before all the inhabitants were brought back by Chaos Knuckles. Remington immediately met Lara-Su, a daughter of Knuckles' and Julie-Su's from a possible future who had been told that he would eventually kill KNuckles. Unaware of this, Remington graciously agreed to help her get her bearings, but soon found himself facing an unpleasant surprise of his own: the Dark Legion approaching Echidnaopolis with an offer for reunification and Knuckles offering them his support. Whatever his views on the matter, Remington ran security for a meeting between Dimitri and the Mitre of Echidnaopolis, and was preparing to fire at a Dark Legion assassin sent by Lien-Da to attack the meeting when Lara-Su stopped him, thinking him about to kill her father. (StH: #106, #107, #108)

Lara-Su then returned to her own time, and Remington's next difficulty came when Mammoth Mogul took Dimitri prisoner and forced Knuckles to confront him. Together with Lien-Da, Remington was one of the first on the scene after a massive explosion of Chaos energy, and thus among the first to find Knuckles dead. As a result of this, Remington was among the most skeptical when Knuckles returned during the battle against the Xorda and their Quantum Dial weapon, but later found Knuckles' grave on Angel Island empty, confirming what he had witnessed. Before he could investigate further, though, Echidnaopolis fell to a joint Dr. Eggman-Dingo invasion, in which Remington was captured and taken to a concentration camp. (StH: #109, #117, #118, #125, #138)

Liberation and Noble Sacrifice[]

Remington sacrifice

Remington sent to an Egg Grape Chamber by Hunter

Rescued by the Chaotix and Sonic the Hedgehog after nearly a year spent in imprisonment, Remington joined his old allies in hooking up with the Dark Legion, who had become the primary resistance to Dr. Eggman and the Dingoes on Angel Island. Remington was also the first to explain to Knuckles his role as the Avatar, a figure of prophecy who it was foretold would return from beyond death to bring peace to Mobius. Remington was also amongst the first to bow to Knuckles, having come to firmly believe that the Guardian was the Avatar. Knuckles struggled in accepting this title and other changes that had been wrought in his absence, while Remington focused mainly on readjusting to life outside of Eggman's camps. Staying behind at the Legion base whilst his rescuers went to rescue the Guardian Locke from General Kage Von Stryker, Remington was present when the evil Overlander Hunter appeared, using his Chaos Spear device to capture Echidnas left and right. Duty-bound to defend the helpless, Remington bravely charged the attacker, only to be seemingly vaporized by his enemy. In truth, Remington was one of many sent to the Egg Grape Chamber, an insidious method of extermination developed by Eggman in which prisoners of the Egg Grapes were drained of their life force while their memories were erased, turning their bodies into the perfect filter for Eggman's plans to siphon energy from the Zone of Silence. (StH: #138, #139, #140, #141)

Rescue and Becoming Grandmaster[]


Remington being restored back to health by Dr. Finitevus before returning to the Dark Legion

Remington was later rescued by the rogue Dark Legion agent Dr. Finitevus, whom Remington had briefly met after joining the Angel Island resistance. With many of his memories already gone due to his exposure to the Egg Grape Chamber, Remington was the perfect specimen for Finitevus' plans to create a new Enerjak. His ravaged body rebuilt with cybernetic implants and his lost memories replaced with implanted ones, Remington was told of his birthright as Kragok's son. With his typical sense of duty and aware of his birthright, Remington contested Lien-Da's control over the Dark Legion. This resulted in the Legion's schism, with those choosing to follow Remington becoming the Frost Legion, while those remaining loyal to Lien-Da became the Flame Legion. The two factions eventually broke down into civil war, which left the former citizens of Echidnaopolis vulnerable to the Dingoes. (StH: #165, #181, #183, CSE)

Eventually, Dr. Finitevus contacted both Remington and Lien-Da with the knowledge that ninety percent of the Echidna population had been wiped out, convincing them to put aside their feud so that they could use the power of the Master Emerald to destroy Eggman. Finitevus double-crossed both Grandmasters, using a brainwashing spell and the Master Emerald's energy to turn Knuckles into the new Enerjak following a brief meeting in which Remington was addressed with unsettling familiarity by the Guardian. Joining forces, Remington and Lien-Da launched an all out assault on the new Enerjak, but their weapons proved woefully inadequate. Enerjak then seized the former EST Constable with his powers, and warped reality to restore Remington's mind and body to their original states, bringing back the goodly natured Constable. Remington, together with all willing Dark Legionnaires and former Echidnaopolis residents, was teleported to the city of Albion. (StH: #181)

Life in Albion[]

A powerful presence as always, Remington soon took charge of the Echidnas in Albion as they began to build a new life amidst the ruins of the destroyed city. Early in the rebuilding, Remington found a recording device detailing the origins of Dr. Finitevus, which he played for Locke when the Guardian arrived unexpectedly. Thanking Remington for his help, Locke turned over the Echidnas' protection to his former subordinate, trusting Remington with the safety of their people. He would later watch with others from Albion as the battle between Enerjak and Super Sonic lit up the sky, and was quick to recognize Enerjak as the source. (StH: #182, #184)

Remington took to his new task with a will, organizing construction efforts rapidly and in a way that brought some comfort to Knuckles as he watched them during a brief trip to the surface, observing the Echidnas with guilt over his actions as Enerjak. Many of the Echidnas were pleased to work under Remington, and even his old girlfriend Komi-Ko watched on with admiration as he led the reconstruction efforts. Eventually Lara-Le took command of the refugees and Remington formed a new version of the E.S.T. comprised of former officers and Dark Legionnaires. (StH: #186, CSE)

Remington and Fighters

Sonic and his Team Fighters encountering Remington.

Unfortunately, the peace of their new homeland was short-lived, as the Death Egg Mark 2 arrived and deposited Lien-Da and her New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion in the city, along with the robot Metal Knuckles, before departing. Remington took charge of the defenses, leading the new E.S.T. in a desperate battle against the Legion. Unfortunately, with limited resources, they lost Matriarch Lara-Le and her staff to the Legion, and were at a loss to deal with the Legion's superior armaments. In desperation, Remington attempted to contact Angel Island, and unknowingly got through to Knuckles. Other help came in the form of Team Fighters, who arrived and joined Remington's forces. With the additional aid, Remington revealed his intention to get the people out of Albion and into mainland Mercia, where they intended to ask King Rob o' the Hedge for asylum. He was then grieved to learn of the apparent demise of the Brotherhood of Guardians, but regained his composure to join in the assault on the Legion command post. The mission went badly awry, and everyone on Albion was knocked out by a reactivated defense system. Remington and all the Echidnas in the city were then imprisoned in another zone, courtesy of Thrash the Devil. (StH: #243, #244)


Honorable and dedicated, Remington had placed the safety of others above his own safety on numerous occassions. He has also been shown to be compassionate, contacting Locke about his ex-wife's wishes to speak with him, despite protocol prohibiting such actions. He also seems to like the finer things in life such as Oakmund cookies and Argylean tea. He is also shown to be an excellent leader, as he was the head of the E.S.T. and the Frost Legion and later oversaw the rebuilding of Albion. (StH: #141, KtE: #10, #19)



Constable Remington with Komi-Ko

During the wedding of Lara-Le and Wynmacher, Remington was accompanied by his date Komi-Ko. They were also seen together at knuckles' funeral. She was not seen again for some time, but was later present when Remington was leading Albion's reconstruction efforts, looking on with admiration. (StH: #121, #186, SSS: #14)

Background Information[]

  • Remington was the original character chosen to be the new Enerjak for the Enerjak Reborn arc. However, writer Ian Flynn decided that Remington would not be familiar to most readers of the comic and too much of the arc would have been directed at explaining his backstory. Thus, Knuckles was chosen to be Enerjak instead.
  • In 2002, Ken Penders revealed in an online chat that Remington was the son of Kragok. It would be a long time before any hints towards this appeared in the comic itself. It was slowly revealed that Remington was in fact the son of Kragok, often through subtle hints in dialogue. A full explanation was finally given in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.[1]


Remington is a brown echidna with blue eyes. He has dark black/brown hair and slightly bushy eyebrows. Originally, as constable of the EST, he wore a green uniform jacket, tall blue boots, and a green or tan wide-brimmed hat with a green hatband and beaded tassel. He sometimes wore a helmet with a clear visor in lieu of his hat. Some artists occasionally omitted his hair and/or eyebrows.

He was later redesigned by artist Jon Gray; this rendition of Remington was meant to be iconic of the fate of the echidnas at the time. He was weary in appearance, wearing baggy green pants, orange and green gloves/shoes, a torn white shirt with a green insignia, wraps on his arms and dreadlocks, and manacles on his wrists and ankles. He was later corrupted mentally and physically changed to resemble his late father Kragok with the addition of a cybernetic right eye and left arm. At this time he also wore a dark cloak.

Remington's body was eventually restored and, adopting the simple clothing of the besieged echidnas, he now wears a simple green robe with a tan belt, white gloves with green and tan cuffs, and sandals. He also gained a new set of clothing apparently designed for combat.

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