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Religion is a cultural feature in which intelligent beings display a belief in and/or reverence for a higher power. This belief is often evidenced by lifestyle that includes worship. Various cultures on Mobius are known to practice one form of religion or another.


Religious Focuses

  • Illumina - A entity that governs Maginary World, a world entirely made up of people's dreams. Having lost faith in herself, she split into two beings representing the different sides of her nature: the benevolent Lumina and the villainous Void.


  • Solaris - A powerful being with fire and time-based powers worshiped as a sun god by the inhabitants of Soleanna. A series of experiments caused it to split into Iblis and Mephiles.


  • The Ancient and Neo Walkers - two groups of beings whose mastery of the Chaos Force and benevolent acts towards the inhabitants of Mobius. The Ancient Walkers were regarded by both adherents, such as the Brotherhood of Guardians, and foes, such as Mammoth Mogul, as being beyond ordinary beings. Their prophecies regarding such beings as the Chosen One and the Avatar were held as sacred by many of Mobius' people, and Knuckles the Echidna was worshiped as the Avatar following his return from the dead. Following their demise, the Neo Walkers took their places as Mobius' guardians, and were evidently held in similar reverence. Most notable amongst these beings, who are regarded as deities by some, is Aurora, who penned the Echidna Tomes which that race and others looked to for guidance. Worshipers of Aurora are known to have established place of worship known as Auroriums. Some Mobians also invoked the name of either group of Walkers as an oath. (CSE)
  • The Source of All - A sentient pool of the primal matter that composed the universe, it became the object of worship after being discovered by the House of Acorn. However, as time went on this system died off until it was largely confined to the royal family, and the Source was subsequently destroyed. (CSE)

Light Mobius

  • Maria Robotnik - In the altered timeline of the alternate world of Light Mobius, King Shadow appears to have instituted a system of religion in which the late Maria Robotnik is regarded as a figure of reverence if not an actual deity.

Background Information

  • Many supernatural beings in the Sonic universe demonstrate themes of duality:
  • Armand D'Coolette expressed belief in an afterlife, possibly indicating a religious stance.
  • Individuals in the Sonic X Zone were known to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, implying the existence of the real-world religions of Christianity and Judaism respectively in that universe.
  • The monster Iblis shares its name with the Islamic version of the devil, and the Ifrit also shares its name with an Islamic figure.
  • Ian Flynn stated prior to the reboot that he believed that various human religions practiced on real-world Earth continued on Mobius following the Xorda Attack on Earth. It is unknown whether this applies to Mobius following the Super Genesis Wave.
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