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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Razorklaw the Cat
Biographical information
  • Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion
Physical description
  • Red and white coat with gold buttons
  • Black pants
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Strength
  • Combat skills
  • Razor-sharp claws

Razorklaw the Cat was the champion of Queen Hathor of the Mysterious Cat Country, a realm that had once been terrorized by the Knuckles Tribe of Echidnas under Pachacamac. Later, after being expelled from his people, he became one of the Grandmasters of that region's Dark Egg Legion, and thus a subordinate to the Eggman Empire.


Meeting the Chaotix[]

Early in the Second Robotnik War, when Angel Island descended to Mobius' surface, it landed near the Mysterious Cat Country. Razorklaw, the Queen, and other Felidae arrived to investigate, and captured the Chaotix as they were exploring. Razorklaw faced Locke, a Guardian who had given his son the name of the Cats' ancient enemies, in battle to decided the freedom of the youngsters, and despite his superior size was defeated. (StH: #81, #82, #84)



Razorklaw is less than pleased with his fellow Grandmaster's ego.

About two years later, Razorklaw resurfaced with Drago Wolf as the two new Grandmasters of the southern continent's Dark Egg Legion chapter complete with cybernetic limb replacements and set up base within the ancient ruins of the Knuckles Clan colony. His new position had come as a result of his defeat at Locke's hands, which had led to his banishment from the Felidae and his decision to join forces with Dr. Eggman. Together with other disgraced Felidae and Wolves who had gone missing due to Eggman's handiwork, the former warrior and his partner Drago hatched a plan to steal the Ancient Onyx, a scheme that they hoped would push their former cultures into war with one another. While she was investigating their operations Sally Acorn was cornered by the two and their forces and captured. They later imprisoned her in their control room, where Razorklaw was soon treated to his comrade's overblown ego as Drago was goaded by Sally into revealing information about their plans and history. While Drago was indecisive as to what to do with Sally, Razorklaw wanted to eliminate her immediately, leading to a clash with his partner. The two were then surprised as Felidae and Wolf Pack forces invaded the Mystic Ruins, and agreed to kill Sally in the face of their impending defeat. Big the Cat interfered with their plans, defeating Drago and grappling briefly with Razorklaw before the Grandmaster was subdued by Sonic the Hedgehog. Recognizing defeat, Razorklaw signaled a retreat to the Legion's secret bunker, leaving the Freedom Fighters and their allies with the Ancient Onyx. (StH: #213, #214)

Meetings with Eggman[]

After he (like all other Grandmasters) received a falsified message from Eggman's nephew Snively, stating that Sonic the Hedgehog had finished off Eggman as the Death Egg Mark 2 plummeted into the ocean, Razorklaw confronted Drago for harassing one of his soldiers. The pair were then teleported to a table in the Death Egg's conference room, along with the other ten equally-surprised Grandmasters. Eggman himself appeared, confirming that he was neither dead nor had his Empire fallen. After cruelly reasserting his control over the Grandmasters, he set a new task before them, instructing them to search for and recover his missing Blue Chaos Emerald while also continuing to expand their own territories. Razorklaw, Drago, and the other Grandmasters were then dismissed and forcefully returned to their posts to resume their duties. (SU: #37)

When Dr. Eggman contacted the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion to have them prepare for the arrival of the Death Egg, Razorklaw and Drago were forced to report that their base was yet incomplete as a result of attacks by the Felidae and the Wolf Pack. Eggman devised a solution, sending Mecha Sally to kidnap Queen Hathor and Grand Chief Lupe Wolf, which he hoped would cause the two factions to go to war. The plan ran into several wrinkles as Hathor made her escape with Lupe's help, and led Team Fighters and their allies Leeta and Lyco back to the Legion base. As Sonic, Amy Rose, and Leeta challenged his men outside the fortress, Razorklaw stepped up to challenge Sonic, demanding a rematch after his previous humiliation at Sonic's hands. Noting the similarity between this challenge and one he had previously faced against Lightning Lynx of the Raiju Clan, Sonic accepted, and the combatants rushed each other; however, Razorklaw proved to be no match for his Hedgehog adversary.(StH: #237, 238, SU: #11)


Razorklaw is a silent warrior, preferring not to "wag his tongue to hear his own voice" like many of the Felidae. After his disgrace, his temper increased to the point where he would lash out at anyone who insulted him, like when Drago called him an idiot. He cares little for Drago's method of antagonizing their enemies, preferring to simply eliminate his foes. He also seems to consider Big a freak due to his fellow exile's impressive strength.

Abilities & Implants[]

As a purely organic cat, Razorklaw was strong and likely a skilled combatant judging by how Queen Hathor herself chose him as her champion against Locke. As a Dark Legionnaire with metal claws, Razorklaw lives up to his name, being able to completely slash lengthy materials like a person's cloak. Though formidable, he has proven lacking against particularly skilled opponents such as Locke, Sally, and Sonic, and is obviously not used to teamwork as shown by his failed efforts to capture Sally in tandem with Drago.

His arms have been replaced by two powerful, robotic limbs, plated with jagged tips on the elbows and fittingly enough, razor sharp claws in place of fingers. Both limbs are proportionally larger and more massive than his fellow grandmaster's.


Razorklaw is an imposing feline of considerable stature, easily a head and half taller than the average Mobian. His Grandmaster attire is similar to that of Dr. Eggman's, though with an ill-fitting vest instead of a jacket and open "toes" for his claws.

Background Information[]

  • His name may be a pun on "Razor claw".
  • Razorklaw's name was misspelled in SU #37 as "Razorclaw," a name used by several characters from the Transformers franchise.