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Razor the Shark
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #260

Biographical information



Mobian Shark

Physical description


  • Skin: Black
    • White strips around his muzzle and torso.
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Gray necklace with three yellow shark-teeth-like objects
  • Green belt with pocket
  • Three gray rings; one on his top fin, two on his side fins.
Political Alignment and Abilities

Pirates of the Setting Dawn (formally)

  • Skilled swordsman
  • Powerful swimmer

Razor the Shark is a male Mobian Shark and guardian of the Eusebes Shrine. A former pirate, he was thrown overboard by his former crewmates after a "disagreement", after which he was found and nursed back to health shrine princess, Coral the Betta.


Early Life

Hailing from another sea, Razor and his sister Blade tried to steal pirate treasure from the Knives but were caught by Captain Shellcracker and his rough-crowded crew. The pirates decided to let the pair join their ranks until one day Razor had a "philosophical disagreement" with his crewmates which turned into a fight that he lost, and he was cast into the sea. Badly wounded, the tides carried Razor to the Eusebes Shrine where he was saved by Coral the Betta and Pearly the Manta Ray. Deciding to remain near Coral, he became the protector the Eusebes Shrine where she served as priestess and the Chao Garden that surrounded it. (StH: #261, SSD: #15)

Waves of Change

Razor and Crusher meet the Freedom Fighters.

During The Shattered World Crisis, Sally Acorn had sent Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Rotor the Walrus to a possible location of a Gaia Temple. After learning of their presence, Coral the Betta sent Razor and his Chao Crusher to the surface to take the Freedom Fighters down to the Eusebes Shrine. Razor, Coral, and Pearly let the Freedom Fighters stay the night, as the waters were plagued with Dark Gaia monsters. The next day, Razor watched as Sonic plays with the Chao and constantly held Crusher back as to not let him bite Sonic. When Coral is brought to hysterics when she finds that the revered Chao Aquarius had not yet reincarnated, Sonic tried to calm her down, only for Razor to mistake Sonic's intent as attacking her. Suddenly, Captain Striker the Mantis Shrimp and the Meropis City Guard arrived, demanding to know why the Freedom Fighters were trespassing on sacred ground. (StH: #260)

Razor and Striker immediately butted heads, with Striker deeming Razor an amateur unworthy of the task of protecting the shrine. Razor was further angered and frustrated when King Puff and Queen Angelica stripped Coral of her title as priestess, deeming her a failure given Aquarius' failure to reincarnate. He was then surprised when Sonic and his friends offered to take him, Coral, and Coral's apprentice Pearly aboard their Sky Patrol base. Not being from Meropis himself, Razor was open to going, but only if Coral wanted to do so. Unfortunately, the strain put on Coral by the current crisis disrupted her performance of the sacred rites, and the protective shield over Meropis collapsed, opening the city and shrine to an attack by Dark Gaia's Minions. (StH: #261)

Razor and the Freedom Fighters fought off a group of attackers, only to be informed by Coral that hundreds of the creatures were likely to have come. Coral blamed herself for these developments, but Razor reasoned with her and helped her to realize that nothing about the current situation was her fault. Thanking him, Coral noted that he hadn't given up on her, to which he responded that she had yet to give up on him. Despite realizing that Meropis was undoubtedly under siege, Razor refused to leave Coral and the shrine unprotected. As such, he remained there with Amy to guard Coral while she attempted to perform the shield rites again while Sonic and Rotor went to aid the citizens. Razor's efforts were eventually rewarded with the arrival of reinforcements from the Meropis City Guard. Chaos and Tikal also appeared to aid in driving off the enemy, and Coral was subsequently reinstated as priestess. Razor and his friends-old and new-were then summoned before the king and queen to be thanked for their heroism. (StH: #262, #263)

Razor later joined other citizens of Meropis in watching the Chaos Emerald Championship, and took part in betting on the outcomes of each match. While he accurately predicted the victories of Nack the Weasel over Bean the Dynamite-to the disappointment of Captain Striker-and of Knuckles the Echidna over Amy-thus earning him victory over King Puff-he failed to anticipate Nack's loss to Knuckles, and was thus forced to hand over his winnings to Pearly. (StH: #270)


The Case of the Missing Princess

Following the events of the Crisis, Razor was sent by Coral to search for Princess Undina, who had been reported missing. Razor set out on his quest to recover the missing princess but ran headlong into Echo the Dolphin and the Chaotix, who also happened to be searching for her. Both Echo and Vector the Crocodile found it convenient that Razor happened to be in pirate-infested waters. But before any interrogation could be done, they were all spotted and caught by a pirate submarine. (SU: #91)


Razor is a devoted friend and a fierce protector, willing to do anything for those in his charge, particularly Coral. While somewhat mistrustful of surface-dwelling Mobians, he lacks the outright paranoia displayed by some other denizens of the Great Blue Realm.


Like other aquatic Mobians, Razor is capable of breathing underwater and on land, and is also a capable swimmer. As protector of the Eusebes Shrine, his main skills are with a curved sword that he keeps sheathed at his side at all times.


Razor is a black-colored, humanoid shark with white strips around his muzzle and torso. He has gold eyes with black irises. Razor has a necklace around his neck, along with a sword that he carries around. His shark-fin has a ring carved through it.


It's been implied that Razor has romantic feelings for Coral the Betta. This was seen after Sonic teased him after listening to his story of how Coral saved him. Razor was quick to deny it at first, before questioning to himself whether Coral would even be in interested in him.

Background Information

  • When Razor was first seen on the covers for StH #260, some fans speculated that he was a new version of Akhlut; this of course proved to be false.
  • Razor is the first character not introduced in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series to have a Sonic Comic Origins story.
  • According to Aleah Baker on the Bumbleking Forums, Razor is about 15 years old [1]
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