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Queen Angelica
Queen Angelica the Anglerfish
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #261

Biographical information
  • Queen of Meropis


Physical description


  • Scales: Green
  • Eyes: Pink
  • Pink and white with some gold
Political Alignment and Abilities

Queen Angelica is a Mobian Angler and the queen of Meropis, which she rules alongside her husband, King Puff. The pair are parents to a daughter who trained in hopes of being priestess of the Eusebes Shrine, only to be passed over in favor of Coral the Beta. Having previously dealt with Dr. Eggman's subordinate Akhlut, Angelica did not get a taste of the evil Eggman was truly capable of until The Shattered World Crisis.


Waves of Change

Royal Audience Chamber

Queen Angelica and King Puff in the Royal Audience Chamber.

After Captain Striker of the Meropis City Guard discovered members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters at the Eusebes Shrine, he brought two of them and priestess Coral the Beta before Angelica and her husband. The pair proved quite irate at the intrusion, and though Angelica recognized Sonic the Hedgehog's name, she proved unimpressed. She was quick to not the problems facing her kingdom, including the threat of Dark Gaia's Minions as well as that of the Egg Army under Akhlut. She refused to believe Sonic's story of the planet shattering, as he had no explanation for why the oceans had remained in place, and joined her husband in revoking Coral's office when it was learned that the sacred Chao Aquarius remained dormant despite her care. She went so far as to suggest that even a former candidate might prove an ideal replacement for the "failed" priestess. Unfortunately, the royal censure of the priestess left Coral in too much distress to perform the ceremony to restore the city's mystic shield, and Dark Gaia's forces quickly took advantage of the chance to invade. (StH: #261)

The beleaguered Freedom Fighters and City Guard were relieved by the arrival of Chaos, a spirit revered by the people of Meropis and the being responsible for keeping the oceans from draining away despite the planet's breakup. With the city's shield restored by Coral-aided by Tikal, Pearly the Manta, and an evolved Aquarius-Angelica and her husband gratefully called the heroes before them again to reinstate Coral and thank the others. When it was discovered that the city was being polluted by Dr. Eggman's fallen Egg Carriers, Angelica turned down Sonic's offer to help clean up, feeling that the heroes had already done enough for their city. Much to Angelica's chagrin, her husband later took part in betting on the Chaos Emerald Championship, and lost out to Razor the Shark. (StH: #263, #270))


Angelica possesses a solemn dignity befitting her station, but can also be stern when angered. She also seems unforgiving and lacking in sympathy, especially when dealing with Coral's "failure" to revive Aquarius.


Angelica is a green-scaled angler with a glowing lure that hangs down in front of her forehead and sticks through a hole in her crown. She has what appears to be long green hair done up in a fan-like ponytail behind her head. Her typical attire consists of a frilly dress that is mostly dark pink but also has lairs of lighter pink and white. This dress extends to the floor, typically covering any shoes the queen may wear.

Background Information

  • Angelica's name comes from the Latin word for angelic.
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