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The Quantum Dial in Mobius' Southern Tundra, attacked by nuclear missiles.

The Quantum Dial is a powerful weapon used by the Xorda to destroy planets and solar systems. Essentially the dial has internal gears which move the dials arm open. Once the arm completes its rotational cycle, a black hole is generated which envelopes the planet it is used on as well as its entire solar system. Once the dial's arm begins to open, it cannot be shut down. The Quantum Dial has its own defence systems, including an energy barrier which disarms and breaks down technological instruments that get within 50 feet of its perimeter, laser cannons, and a quantum wave, which can incinerate anything within a 100-mile radius of the dial. (StH: #125)

The Xorda used a Quantum Dial during their attack on Mobius after their ship was repelled by Giga-Bot Prime. Firing it into the Southern Tundra, the Xorda fled the solar system in their ship as the Quantum Dial's gears activated. The dial's energy barrier succeeded in disarming Station Square's nuclear missiles as they got within 50 feet, and broke apart Giga-Bot Prime. Its defensive cannons held the combined armies of Mobius at bay, though Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn managed to get inside the perimeter after Giga-Bot Prime broke down. As the Quantum Dial prepared to fire its quantum wave, all of its defensive weapons were disabled by Knuckles the Echidna when he returned from the afterlife. The Quantum Dial subsequently imploded when Sonic used his super speed to reverse the direction of its internal gears. However, the implosion of the Quantum Dial also resulted in an anomaly which sent Sonic 849,000 light years away to the planet Thoraxia. (StH: #125)

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