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The Dark Legion firing the Quantum Beam

The Quantum Beam was a weapon employed by the Dark Legion in 3236 and was fired from their Battle Cruiser. The beam acted as a transporter, sending all of the inhabitants of Angel Island into a parallel zone. Additionally, the beam destroyed 16.4 square metrons of Angel Island's outer surface the first time it was successfully fired. After Chaos Knuckles agreed to work with the Dark Legion, the Quantum Beam was again activated in order to restore Angel Island's population to Mobius Prime, but it was destroyed before this could be accomplished when Tobor smashed himself and Kragok into the Quantum Beam Cannon, destroying it. The effects of the Quantum Beam were later undone by the omnipotent powers of Chaos Knuckles. (StH: #100, #101, #107, SSS: #14)

When the Quantum Beam was first fired, it blew up a sizable portion of Angel Island. However, when it was starting to be used a second time in StH #100, no damage was made to Angel Island. It is possible this is because the weapon had not fully activated.