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Professor Pickle Finger
Professor Dillon Pickle
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Physical description
  • Brown Suit
  • White Shirt
  • Red Bow Tie
  • Dark Brown Shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • High Intelligence

Professor Dillon Pickle is an academic based in Spagonia University and an expert on ancient literature with great knowledge of history and the Gaia Manuscripts. He is assisted in his research and other matters by his young assistant Q. Cumber. He is also a friend and colleague of the Mobian genius, Professor Charles the Hedgehog.


Research of Dark Gaia[]

Eggman finds Pickle

Dr. Eggman learns of Pickle.

After the world had been shattered, Charles the Hedgehog set off for Spagonia in order to meet up with Professor Pickle in hopes that together they could figure out what was happening with the planet. However by the time the two met up at Spagonia University, they were kidnapped by E-106 Eta and taken to the Egg Train along with their research on the Gaia Manuscripts. Fortunately, the Knothole Freedom Fighters arrived to save the pair, though they were unable to recover their research. However, Pickle was able to inform the heroes of the contents of the ancient texts, which involved Dark Gaia and Light Gaia. He further explained that the only way to restore the planet to normal was to gather the seven Chaos Emeralds and bring them to the Gaia Temples located around the world. (StH: 257, #258, #258)


Despite his genius intellect, Professor Pickle comes off as an absentminded fellow who usually seems either distracted or unable to grasp the situation at hand. He also seems to lack a certain sensitivity, as seen by his bringing up the Roboticizer as though it wouldn't bring up bad memories for Chuck.

Background Information[]

Pickle and Cucumber

Pickle and his assistant, Q. Cumber.

  • Professor Pickle's name is a pun on "Dil pickle", a type of pickle. This pun was also used for the name of a character from the Rugrats franchise, Dillon "Dil" Pickles.
  • Pickle originates from the game Sonic Unleashed where he played a supporting role. His debut in the comic was during a storyline loosely based on the game.
  • Before his debut in the main comic, Professor Pickle was the "host" of a short-lived feature in the Sonic Super Digest series known as "Professor Pickle's Nature Notebook", in which he and his assistant, Cucumber, examined the real-world animal counterparts of many Mobian species. The feature only appeared in the first two issues.