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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
Sonic Profile

Sonic the Hedgehog of the Prime Zone.

The Prime Zone is the main zone or universe which Sonic Prime is from, and is home to the planet from which he hails. It is possible to reach alternate dimensions from the Prime Zone through various means, mainly those within the Multiverse and, on incredibly rare occasions, worlds from other multiverses entirely. The Prime Zone is just one of many incarnations of Sonic's World throughout the multiverse, but it and the Prime Zone are the core reality, of which all others are derivations of varying degree. (StH: #12, #170, #189, SSS: #10, CSE, MM: #24)

The past of this Zone is Prehistoric Mobius - 400,000 years before the present day. (StH: #11)

With Silver's future occurring in 3437 P.X.E., the year of present day Mobius Prime is 3237 Post Xorda Event (P.X.E.)

As a result of Chaos Knuckles' tampering with reality, this Zone was briefly greatly altered, with Mobius becoming Planet Freedom. (StH: #101)

The Prime Zone, as well as the original multiverse, was heavily rewritten due to a drastic change in reality caused by Eggman's tampering with the Genesis Wave. (StH: #251)

Background Information[]

  • Ian Flynn has stated that if the Prime Zone was to be destroyed, no new Zones could come into existence.