Prelate s

Prelate-S is a Prelate created by Enerjak from Dark Mobius. Prelate-S was created from the Core of an alternate reality counterpart of Saffron. Presumably, her life was similar to that of her Mobius Prime self, up to the point when her world's Knuckles became Enerjak. Like the rest of the Chaotix-based Prelates, S confronted Silver the Hedgehog after following Prelate-V back to her homeworld and attacked him on sight. After an attempt to crush Silver failed, S along with Prelates C & R struck him down in mid-flight and then tried to converge on Silver, only to be destroyed down to her core by Demo Duck of the Alternate Freedom Fighters. S was later reformed from her core by Enerjak to attack the Freedom Fighters after their "secret base" was destroyed and struck at Dagger Walrus and Payback Fox as she flew by. As the battle waged on, S was eventually destroyed by Demo, Payback and Scarlette, and Silver collected its Core with the others in his aura. Enerjak stole back the cores soon after though, and resummoned her amongst a horde of other Prelates that he set against Silver in their final confrontation. (SU: #25, #26, #27, #28)

Background Information

  • When Prelate-S is formed from her core and fires her eye-lasers, she makes a sound similar to Saffron's name: "SFRN!"
  • Prelate-S appears to be able to fly because of her prime counterpart's natural ability.
  • It is unknown how Saffron came to be a member of the Chaotix on Dark Mobius, as in the Mobius Prime reality she didn't join the team until after Knuckles had ceased to be Chaos Knuckles. In this reality, Knuckles never returned to his normal form, leaving the question open as to when or how Saffron became a member of the team.
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