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Prelate r

Prelate-R is a Prelate created by Dark Enerjak from Dark Mobius. Prelate-R was created from the Core of an alternate reality counterpart of Ray the Flying Squirrel. Presumably, his life was similar to that of his Mobius Prime self, up to the point when his world's Knuckles became Enerjak. Like the rest of the Chaotix-based Prelates, R confronted Silver the Hedgehog after following Prelate-V back to his homeworld and attacked him on sight. After a failed attempt to crush Silver, R along with Prelate-C and Prelate-S, struck him down in mid-flight and then tried to converge on Silver, only to be destroyed down to his core by Demo Duck of the Alternate Freedom Fighters. R was later reformed from his core by Enerjak to attack the Freedom Fighters after their "secret base" was destroyed and engaged Demo and Scarlette Rabbot in battle. As the battle waged on, R was eventually destroyed by Dagger and Cutlass, and Silver collected its Core with the others in his aura. Enerjak stole back the cores soon after though, and resummoned him amongst a horde of other Prelates that he set against Silver in their final confrontation, though it was beaten back by Silver and Jani-Ca as they fought their way through to Enerjak. (SU: #25, #26, #27, #28)

Background Information[]

  • When Prelate-R is formed from his core and fires his eye-lasers, he makes a sound similar to Ray's name: "RYY!"
  • Prelate-R appears to be able to fly because of his prime counterpart's natural ability.
  • While the stripes and decals of all the other prelates are the same color as the primary color of their organic versions (Vector is green, Mighty is red, etc.), Prelate-R is strangely a pale blue, rather than a shade of yellow. This is probably in relation to his prime counterpart's pale blue-colored jacket and sneakers since the yellow color is already applied to Prelate S, while Prelate C's color most likely comes from Charmy Bee's orange bomber jacket.