Prelate e

Prelate-E is a Prelate created by Enerjak from Dark Mobius. Prelate-E was created from the Core of an alternate reality counterpart of Espio the Chameleon. Presumably, his life was similar to that of his Mobius Prime self, up to the point when his world's Knuckles became Enerjak. Espio was eventually captured by his former friend, and his Core became Prelate-E. When Silver the Hedgehog arrived in its native zone, Prelate-E attacked him with the aid of five other Chaotix-based Prelates, knocking Silver out of the sky as he initially tried to fly away and overwhelming him. When an attempt to crush Silver failed, E and the others gave pursuit, but were distracted by the Freedom Fighters. E itself was soon destroyed down to its core when it was caught in a pincer move between the blades of Dagger Walrus and Cutlass Depardieu. Prelate-E was later resummoned by Enerjak to battle the rebels again after their base was leveled and began targeting Cutlass with well aimed throwing-stars bearing his color. As the battle waged on, E was eventually destroyed by Payback and Scarlette, and Silver collected its Core with the others in his aura. Enerjak stole back the cores soon after though, and resummoned him amongst a horde of other Prelates that he set against Silver in their final confrontation. (SU: #25, #26, #27, #28)

Background Information

  • When Prelate-E is formed from his core and fires his eye-lasers, he makes a sound similar to Espio's name: "SPYO!"
  • Prelate-E is shown to have great agility and can throw shuriken bearing his Core's color as an alternative to his eye-laser attack. This would imply that the Prelates may retain the natural abilities of the individual whose core is used to base their form around.
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