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Pravda was the High Councilor of the High Council of Echidnaopolis and a descendant of Menthor. He was once a victim of a political ruse staged by the Dark Legion to elect their cyborg politician, Benedict. He was last seen in a vegetative state and presumably perished.


During the election for High Councilor in 3236, Pravda was awoken one night to what sounded like a break in. Believing Dingoes to be the culprits, he went to investigate, only to be pulled from his house by Dark Legion troops commanded by Lien-Da. Lien-Da took the time to comment upon his hypocrisy, since he was an open critic of technology but had a home sprawling of electronic possessions. His wife watched in the shadows in shock and horror as their possessions were destroyed by the Dark Legion before he was taken away to the Dark Legion's base. (KtE: #22)

Upon his arrival, Pravda encountered Dimitri who expanded on Lien-Da's words and explained that it was “pay back time,” remembering how Pravada's ancestor was the very reason that Dimitri's original plan was rejected. Pravda offered Dimitri a deal to ensure his safety, but the ancient echidna refused. He was then taken to a medical lab where he was put to sleep while Dark Legion medics inserted a mind-control chip into his skull so he could be controlled by the Dark Legion. He emerged from surgery with unwavering loyalty to Dimitri and the Dark Legion. (KtE: #22)

The following day at a rally for his re-election, Pravda used this event to appoint the legion’s candidate, the robot Benedict to the job. After Benedict took his time ranting about the glory of technology and attempting to lure voters to side with the Dark Legion's cause, Constable Remington confronted him. However, Pravda used his authority against Remington, and forced him to accompany himself and Benedict to a private location where they could discuss things. (KtE: #23)

After Benedict attempted to blackmail Remington about his past to join their cause as well, the Constable refused. Benedict then threw Pravda at Remington before fleeing the scene. Remington gave chase, telling Pravda’s secretary that the High Councilor was in great need of medical attention. Unfortunately, while Dimitri was analyzing the Guardian Knuckles's powers, he inadvertently unleashed a massive energy surge. The surge took out Pravada's mind control chip, leaving the now ex-councilor in a vegetative state. (KtE: #24)

Background Information

  • The word "pravda" ("правда") translates from Russian as "truth".
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