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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Current Continuity


Power Rings

Power Rings are golden rings found all around the planet, and are powerful sources of mystical energy. Several bodies of water around the world are known to produce them, and such a body is known as a Lake of Rings.


Shattered World Crisis[]

Rotor the Walrus built the Sky Patrol and designed it to run on Power Ring energy, necessitating occasional resupply as he did at the Eusebes Shrine. Dr. Eggman also determined that the power of Dark Gaia emanating from the broken planet exceeded the total energy of the world's Power Rings. (StH: #263, #266)

Special Rings[]

Super Ring[]

The Super Ring is a hypothetical Power Ring that Walter Naugus ordered Nicole to create for him in order to restore his lost magical powers. However, Nicole informed him on more than one occasion that she was unsure of her ability to create it. The point was rendered moot when Naugus' memories of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline were restored and he fled Mobotropolis. (StH: #252)

Red Star Ring[]

Ellidy Introduces Red Star Ring

Ellidy reveals his Red Star Ring.

The Red Star Ring is a strange ring produced by the Lake of Rings on Isolated Island during the Shattered World Crisis. While Dr. Ellidy determined that it possessed roughly the same qualities as a regular Power Ring, it had the potential for much greater energy. This was later demonstrated effectively when Nicole used that energy to take on a state similar to that of a Super Transformation known as Overclocked Nicole. (SU: #72, #74)

Background Information[]

  • Power Rings are an element originally taken from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, though their role in the comics is closer to that of their depiction in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series.
  • Red Star Rings are based on the Red Star Rings from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. The Red Star Rings served as collectable items that were often used to unlock special bonuses.