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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Pir'Oth Ix was the Imperator or leader of the Nocturnus Clan of Echidnas.


Pir'Oth joined the Second Downunda Colony expedition some 4000 years prior to Mobius' present day. Upon arriving in Soumerca the settlers ran afoul of the Felidae of the Pais Misterioso and only the warrior and advanced sciences castes chose to stay, the former becoming the Knuckles Clan led by Pachacamac and the latter the Nocturnus Clan led by Ix himself, who became the clan's Imperator. As Pachacamac and Felidea vied with the Nocturnus for the land, Ix pushed his people to advance, becoming technologically advanced to the point that they could've easily defeated the Knuckles Clan, but the Nocturnus were mysteriously whisked away to the Twilight Cage before this could happen in the Argus Event. (CSE)

Once in the Cage, Ix led his clan to conquest over the other four alien races, which they accomplished by launching fast and brutal raids against their neighbors. Once Ix had the entire Cage in his thrall the Dark Legion arrived in the Zone, but were shunned and mostly ignored by the Nocturnus because of their inferior technology. Following the Legion's departure Ix continued to research the power of the Cage, planning to one day gather enough power to transport the entirety of the Cage to Mobius so the Imperator's clan could conquer the planet and the rest of the universe. (CSE)


Ix is a white-furred echidna (sharing his distinctive fur color with Dr. Finitevus) and his eyes are a solid shade of light blue. He wears a purple outfit with yellow decals and possesses a glowing z-shaped symbol on his chest. (CSE)

Background Information[]

  • It was mentioned in a response to a fan letter that Ix was an unlikely though possible candidate for Enerjak predating Dimitri and Knuckles. This would later be proven false.
  • Many fans believe Pir'Oth to have been based on Dr. Finitevus, due to being a mystically powered Echidna with white fur associated with an evil organization trapped in another dimension. It is unknown whether Pir'Oth's white fur is natural or if he attained it through a transformation similar to Finitevus'.
  • Due to the legal issues surrounding the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood characters and their involvement with the creations of Ken Penders, Pir'Oth Ix and the rest of the Nocturnus Clan are indefinitely unuseable for the comics.