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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Original Continuity

Perfect Chaos' attack was a major disaster that occurred on Mobius. The city of Station Square was attacked by the legendary water beast known as Chaos in its perfect form. The whole city was flooded, and an overwhelming amount of property damage was caused.


The Attack[]

The attack occurred in the year 3236, and lasted for a single day. Thought to have been destroyed once and for all aboard the Egg Carrier, Chaos was able to retrieve the Super Emerald from the crashed Tornado, before returning to Station Square where it retrieved the remaining six emeralds from the power plant. The beast used the emeralds power to become Perfect Chaos, before dowsing the city in a fierce flood. Sally Acorn, Antoine D'Coolette, Bunnie and Amy Rose made efforts to rescue as many civilians from being washed away as possible, until Sonic had raced back from the Mystic Ruins. After Eggman's failed attempt to bring down the monster in a second Egg Carrier, Tikal appears to aide the heroes: weakening Chaos by sucking the emeralds out of him via a sacred ritual, Sonic is able to harness their power for himself, transforming him into Super Sonic. Perfect Chaos proved too tough to handle for Super Sonic alone however, and he was assisted by Knuckles the Echidna in a plan to draw Chaos toward some power lines in order to electrocute the beast. After Knuckles risked his life to get the generator back online at the flooded power plant, Perfect Chaos was zapped back into its base form, as the Super Emeralds transformed back into the seven server Chao. The beast quelled, Tikal took Chaos and returned to their pocket zone. (SSS: #13, StH: #83, #84)

Background Information[]

  • The attack is based on the final story of the video game Sonic Adventure.
    • Elements of the attack differed considerably in the pre-SGW timeline, primarily due to the lack of context in the source material the creatives had at the time. Said source material came from artist Patrick Spaziante playing an imported Japanese copy of the game (which had been released a year prior to the rest of the world).