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Sir Percival is a Mobian cat from an alternate universe in which she is Blaze the Cat's dimensional counterpart. She is a knight in the service of King Arthur along with Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain as the Knights of the Round Table. While the king pursued the wizard Merlina and called forth monstrous creatures to ensure her capture, the three knights watched from atop cliff as she summoned Sonic the Hedgehog, who fell from the sky and then defeated all the creatures. Before he could battle the king, however, he and Merlina disappeared in a puff of smoke. King Arthur then approached the three knights on his flying horse and ordered them to spread out and search for Merlina and Sonic. After he left, Sir Gawain voiced his objections to their orders, as Merlina was the royal wizard. Percival and Lancelot, however, protested that they were nothing without loyalty to the king. However, after Lancelot had left, Percival admitted that the king and the kingdom had changed. (StH: #197)

Background Information[]

  • Sir Percival was originally a male character in

    Sir Percival in the game.

    the tales of King Arthur, but for some reason, Blaze was given the role. This was probably because she is one of the series's most popular characters and there weren't many leading females in King Arthur's tales. It also could have been a pun on "per" being pronounced like "purr".
  • Though Percival's name was never stated in the comic, Ian Flynn confirmed all the characters' names from the comic strip to be the same as in Sonic and the Black Knight. (1)