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Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante is a highly-regarded comic book artist who is a regular contributor to the Archie Sonic publications. His first Sonic work was the interior art for the story "The Mirror Zone" in the Sonic In Your Face special.

Spaziante is the longest running artist for the series, as well as one of the most prolific. His contributions have been mostly cover art, although he has occasionally done interior art (mostly in the earlier days of the series). Spaz's work has been praised by fans, particularly for how detailed his work tends to be.



Cover art to StH#95, just one of many examples of Spaziante's highly detailed art style

Notable Non-Sonic Credits[]

  • Archie Comics' "Mega Man"
  • Dreamwaves' "Mega Man"

Background Information[]

  • Spaziante has drawn the cover art for every landmark issue in the different Sonic series, not just the main series itself, but spin-off's too.
  • Spaziante often signs his work with his pen name, "Spaz" (derived from the first part of his surname, and a play on the shorter term for the word "spastic").

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