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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Patch D'Coolette
Biographical information

20 (born 3217)


Versions from Mobius Prime

  • Anti Antoine
  • Evil Antoine
Physical description
  • Royal Army Uniform (formerly)
  • Blue/Green Tailored Uniform
  • Sword
  • Eyepatch
  • Black leather jacket (formerly)
  • Boots (formely)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled swordsman
  • Skilled assassin
  • Skilled in Combat
  • Cunning and deceptive

Patch D'Coolette, originally known as Anti Antoine or Evil Antoine, is Antoine D'Coolette's evil counterpart from Anti Mobius. Patch was a member of the Anti Freedom Fighters, but unlike his cowardly counterpart, Patch was evil, fierce and an expert warrior, but also had murderous tendencies, which drove him to attempt assassinations on Anti Sonic on more than one occasion. Patch was also the love interest of Anti Sally and gained his nickname (now first name) from wearing an eye-patch, despite previously having perfect functionality of both eyes at the time, though later Scourge made it so that the patch serves its intended purpose.


First Encounter with the Freedom Fighters[]

Like the other Anti-Freedom Fighters, Anti Antoine came to Mobius Prime and impersonated his goodly counterpart, terrorizing Knothole and ruining his good self's reputation. However, the Freedom Fighter soon engaged him and his compatriots, only to find themselves evenly matched. By switching opponents, after being switched with Sally he got defeated with one punch and sent back to his world with the rest of the Anti-Freedom Fighters. (StH: #24)

Impersonating Antoine[]

155 smirkyAnt

Anti Antoine passing himself off as Antoine

Following Scourge the Hedgehog's last escape from the No Zone, Anti Antoine attempted to use one of Anti Rotor's inventions; the Zone-Link Generator, to banish his rival to Mobius Prime, allowing Anti Antoine to take over. Anti Sonic was too quick for him and he not only was knocked out but his beard was also shaved and sent Anti Antoine himself to Prime-Mobius, replacing his counterpart's position. Anti Antoine , upon realizing where he was, plotted that if he couldn't be leader on his world, he would be leader on this world. Patch used his counterpart's position in the Royal Army to gradually scheme and worm his way into King Maximillian Acorn's confidence, given his counterpart a new cold and ruthless-soldier look to it, impressing the King, while making his "friends" nervous of his new persona and mercilessly tearing apart his prime counterpart's life by destroying his relationship with Bunnie among other things. (StH: #134, #150)

When the royal couple-King Max and his wife Queen Alicia Acorn-travelled on the Acorn One on a world tour to create a coalition against Dr. Eggman with other free nation-states, Anti Antoine was given the rank of Commander and lead the bodyguard detachment. Patch saw his time to strike was at hand, and began slowly poisoning the King with a poisonous substance native to his dimension, and also arranged to poison his counterpart's father; General Armand D'Coolette, with a much heavier dose via laced food. (StH: #134, #153)

Eventually, when negotiations with other nation-states including the Kingdom of Leonus failed, Anti Antoine made his move and dosed the King with a much higher concentration that left him bed-ridden and forced to return to Knothole. Patch also stopped the King's medication, which served to put him into a coma, but not before the King announced he would step down and allow Sally to take over, and wanted Anti Antoine to be her husband and King. Sonic the Hedgehog, upon hearing of this, tried to go to Castle Acorn to talk to Sally, but was stopped by a sword-wielding Patch. (StH: #155)

Sally and Patch

Anti Antoine about to get married to Sally.

With the King indisposed, Anti Antoine manipulated Sally's fragile emotional state to go through with the marriage. At the celebratory feast, Anti Antoine had Sonic arrested when he broke into the banquet hall, and later excused himself to finish King Max off with a final dose of the poison. Unfortunately, as he was mere steps away from the comatose Max, Sonic and Prince Elias Acorn arrived, where Elias announced that, as first-born, he would take the throne. Anti Antoine was internally furious, and put aside his plans to kill Max so he could kill Elias, and later Elias's wife and daughter, instead. Just after Elias's crowning, Anti Antoine tried to give Elias a dose of the poison via a hypodermic needle hidden in his uniform, which would serve to kill him later so Anti Antoine wouldn't be suspected. Sonic, however, noticed the needle and, after pushing Elias to safety, knocked Anti Antoine to the floor. Sonic and Anti Antoine fought, with Anti Antoine yelling Sonic was the one with the needle and he tried to kill him with it. Sonic, however, had by this time figured out Anti Antoine's real nature, and overpowered Anti Antoine before beating him unconscious. Sonic then used his own Zone-Link Generator to send Anti Antoine away to his home, while Antoine was rescued and brought back to Mobius. (StH: #156)

Unfortunately, Patch would leave his mark on Mobius, as, while former-King Max was eventually brought out of his coma, he remained in a wheelchair once again, and Armand succumbed to the poison soon after his departure. (StH: #170, #168)

The Suppression Squad[]

Ant vs Patch

Patch fighting Antoine in Freedom HQ

After Scourge returned to Moebius and conquered the planet Patch, like the other Anti Freedom Fighters, willingly put up with Scourge as king, likely due to it ensuring their own survival, and became a member of the Suppression Squad. Patch took part in the initial Suppression Squad invasion of Mobius Prime when a surprise attack was launched against Freedom HQ. Upon the arrival of Sonic and Scourge themselves, a full pitched battle ensued. Initially, Patch suffered ferocious attacks courtesy of Amy Rose, due to his actions on Mobius while posing as his counterpart, but soon found his stride fighting his own counterpart, threatening to kill him like he did Armand. Antoine, as a result, resolved to fight Patch on his own, not wanting his new wife Bunnie to be killed the same way. Patch, Miles and Boomer overheard this, and Patch, interested in the idea of taking away Antoine's purpose for living, restrained Bunnie and was poised to slit her throat, though Sonic stopped him in time. Despite failing, the actions of the Squad eventually drove the Freedom Fighters from Freedom HQ. (StH: #188, #189, #190)


While watching as Scourge battled Metal Sonic, Metal Scourge, and Sonic from within Freedom HQ, Patch joined in a discussion with the other original Suppression Squad members, regarding the possibility of overthrowing their leader. Patch expressed fear at the prospect, remembering when his "patch was just for show." When an opportunity to betray Scourge presented itself, however, Patch along with the rest of the Suppression Squad (minus Fiona) adopted Miles' plan to get rid of Scourge with the help of the Freedom Fighters. Despite this they still proved no match for Scourge's might. It was only on Sonic's arrival that their true plan was revealed: To send both Sonic and Scourge to Moebius, and to seal their escape, at least until Scourge was beaten. (StH: #192, #193, #194, #195)

Patch was shocked to see Scourge in his super form and undefeated along with the rest of the Suppression Squad and Freedom Fighters when they arrived in Moebius. He joined the two groups in their attack on Super Scourge. During the fighting, Super Scourge asked Patch if Fiona had accompanied them, to which Patch called Scourge impossible and explained she hadn't come with them to Moebius. With this information obtained, Scourge threw Patch aside into Boomer. Following Scourge's defeat, Patch and his compatriots remained on Moebius. (StH: #196)


Patch possesses many of the same qualities as Antoine, but lacks several crucial elements. Where Antoine is loyal to King, country, and friends, Patch is loyal only to himself. Antoine is somewhat cowardly in the face of danger and lacks a killer instinct, while Patch is willing to get rid of anyone to advance himself. Antoine is an honest gentleman, and while Patch can pull off the same display of manners, he is fully capable and adept at lying to get what he wants. Patch has also been shown to have murderous tendencies and prefers to kill his opponents with poison, this shows that deep down Patch is truly a coward unlike Antoine who has been shown to have hidden courage inside himself. Like the other members of The Suppression Squad, Patch detests his Prime Counterpart and while impersonating Antoine not only did he do everything he could to satisfy his own needs, but he also tried to destroy his Prime Counterpart's social life (Indicating that Patch envies Antoine's positive life.) Patch also enjoys hurting his opponents emotionally as well as physically as he threatened Elias saying that after he kills him Patch would then kill his wife Meg and baby Alexis, also when fighting his Prime Counterpart he took sadistic pleasure in reminding him that he killed his father and was very close to killing Bunnie. All of this makes Patch one of the most dangerous enemies of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.  

Background Information[]

  • It is possible that Antoine's memories of Tatiana in issue #137 were actually from Patch's past, as he wouldn't have known about people from Antoine's past during which the story takes place.
  • Patch's normal appearance is more 'pirate-like' than Antoine's, a point emphasized by his short ponytail and his eyepatch. He used to wear it over his left eye just for show, until Scourge somehow damaged it at some point to give him a real reason to wear it.
  • Due to his murderous nature Patch can be considered a serial killer.
  • He has committed Patricide since Patch is an evil version of Antoine and that he succeeded in killing Antoine's father Armand D' Coolette.