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For more information on this location in the real world see: France (the country) and Paris (the capital)

France is a country existing on Earth in the Sonic X Zone. The capital city of the country is Paris. The countries native language is French.

Paris was the location of the World's Fair, which Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends attended with the Thorndyke family in a joint celebration of Chris' birthday. At the same time, Rouge and Topaz had been sent to the city on a mission after Dr. Eggman had been spotted there. The Doctor planned to steal a shuttle from the fair so as to help prepare his scheme to control the moon. Eggman succeeded in obtaining the shuttle, but Sonic and the heroes were able to keep anybody from being harmed in the ensuing attack on the fair. (SX: #8, #9)

Background Information

  • While the country of France is not known to exist in the Prime Zone in any form, several elements of it do. Some characters in both continuities originate from a place where French appears to be their first spoken language, the most notable being Antoine D'Coolette. This would also go for any other alternate reality where a version of Antoine exists, or any other characters that have displayed knowledge of the French language.
  • Though not confirmed in-comic, it can be assumed that France (and its capital) once existed on Mobius in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline back when it was still Earth.
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