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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Amy beats Pane

Pane's K.O.

Pane the Boar is a female Mobian Boar who took part in the Chaos Emerald Championship, competing in the first realm against Amy Rose. Despite her superior size, Pane proved to be no match for Amy, who defeated her and advanced to the next round. (StH: #269)


Pane is a black-furred Mobian Boar with yellow eyes and a whitish muzzle ending in a pig snout with short tusks. She wears a red bandanna around her head, with her ears sticking out from underneath it, and black-backed white gloves. She wears large black laced shoes, green pants, and a white armor suit with pads that extend over her shoulders and thighs. She wears a black belt around her waist, and has a long black tail that appears smooth except for a tuft on the end.

Background Information[]

  • Pane is based on the character Jane [1] from Fighting Vipers, a game that also featured the human character upon which Honey the Cat was based and that inspired the mechanics of Sonic the Fighters.