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Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 Profile
Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2
Form of Group and Statistics

Military Unit



Resident location 

G.U.N. HQ (formerly)

Other names

Egg Paladins

  • Assorted G.U.N.-issued firearms and explosive weapons
  • Wrist-mounted Blasters
  • Wrist-mounted Energy Blades

Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 was an elite team of G.U.N. troopers. They were tasked with the capture of Sonic the Hedgehog who had been framed for the theft of a Chaos Emerald stolen by Shadow the Hedgehog, although Sonic escaped their custody while enroute to prison. The team would meet Sonic again as an ally during their mission to defeat the evil Dragon, Zan, and as part of the global assault against the Xorda's Quantum Dial. One year later, Paladin Team provided support to the defense of Fort Acorn from an assault by Dr. Eggman's SWATbot army during Operation: Triple Threat. Some time after this though, the entire unit was captured by the Eggman Empire, and its members were brainwashed and legionized, becoming the Egg Paladins of the Dark Egg Legion's Eurish chapter. During the Empire's attack on Central City, the Egg Paladins battled with E-123 Omega to some degree of success, though they were recalled before a decisive outcome was reached.


Search for Sonic[]

PaladinTeamSigma-Alpha2 01

Paladin Team assembled to capture Sonic.

One of Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2's first known operations was their mission to capture Sonic the Hedgehog, when they believed he was responsible for stealing the city's Chaos Emerald. In reality, the emerald was stolen by Sonic's look-alike Shadow the Hedgehog. Although Sonic was captured by the team despite putting up resistance, he managed to escape from their helicopter while being transported to prison. Eventually Shadow's identity became known, and Sonic was exonerated for the crime. (StH: #98)

Zan & The Xorda[]

PaladinTeamSigma-Alpha2 02

Paladin Team assembled to help the Freedom Fighters defeat Zan.

Under the advisement of Hugo Brass, Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 were once again deployed, this time to work with Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters in bringing an end to the terror brought on by the dragon Zan. Sigma Alpha 2 planted the explosives in the dragon's cave that resulted in his death. In exchange for the Freedom Fighter's help and information on Dr. Eggman, Station Square accepted the numerous Overlander refugees that had left Robotropolis. (StH: #107)

During the Xorda's attack on the planet, Sigma-Alpha 2 were among the G.U.N. soldiers on the field of battle against the Quantum Dial, receiving orders from Commander Brass. They scouted out the capabilities of the Quantim Dial with their field leader before finally charging the weapon with hundreds of others from all across Mobius, but were bombarded by a laser defence grid. (StH: #125)

Egg Paladins[]


Egg Paladins assembled to battle E-123 Omega.

Eventually, Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 was captured by Dr. Eggman along with former Commander-in-Chief of G.U.N., Hugo Brass. The team was Legionized and brainwashed into serving the Eggman Empire as well as Hugo Brass, the new Dark Egg Legion Grandmaster of their Eurish chapter. Under the control of the Eggman Empire the team was renamed the Egg Paladins. (SU: #38)

The Egg Paladins were then summoned from an Egg Camel to battle E-123 Omega during the Eggman Empire's invasion of Central City in an attempt to find the traitorous Snively. As Omega's brainwashed and Legionized allies, the Egg Paladins attacked the robot during its moment of hesitation at Dr. Eggman's command. When Snively was caught fleeing the city, the assault was halted, and the Egg Paladins withdrew along with the rest of the Eggman Empire. (SU: #38)


After being Legionized, the team has strength, speed, and agility many times greater then they previously had. They are also have wrist-mounted blasters for long-range combat and wrist-mounted energy blades for close-combat. (SU: #38)

Background information[]

  • Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 were named after the group of GUN agents that had arrested Sonic and were taking him into custody via a helicopter at the beginning of the hero story in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Sigma-Alpha 2 can be shortened to SA2. This is most likely reference to the game Sonic Adventure 2.
  • It wasn't until the release of SU #38 that Dutch and Vincent's names were revealed, somewhat like the majority of the members of the Sand-Blasters until #217.
  • Although the team itself originates from the video games, the members that make it up are all original creations for the comic by Karl Bollers. For that reason, it's highly likely the team will have an entirely new membership, should it return in the post-SGW timeline.
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