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Pachacamac was the leader of an ancient Echidna tribe known as the Knuckles Clan, and father of Tikal. He was killed by Chaos along with the rest of the Knuckles Clan when he attempted to use the Chaos Emeralds to defeat the native cat people, which enraged Chaos.


Exploring the New World[]


Pachacamac prepares for war

The Knuckles Clan was the warrior caste which escorted the scientists and intellectuals from Albion to explore Mobius. Arriving somewhere in Soumercan continent, Pachacamac as well as the the scientist caste attempted to defend their settlement in the Mysterious Cat Country against the natives, while the intellectuals were pacifists by nature and departed. Pachacamac and the Nocturnus leader, Pir'Oth Ix, quickly developed a fierce rivalry and the clans were soon warring against each other as well as with the natives. Pachacamac adopted a more primitive approach, and proclaimed himself Chief of the Knuckles Clan. Pachacamac later accompanied his daughter Tikal when the latter discovered the Mystic Ruins, Chaos Emeralds and the Chao. Pachacamac ordered Tikal to stay at the Chao garden while he would return to the frontlines against the Cats and Nocturnus. (StH: #82, SSSM: #2, CSE)

Conflict and Demise[]

Pressed on two sides by both the Cat Country as well as their technologically-advanced rival Nocturnus Clan, the only hope for the Knuckles Clan's victory was to claim the power that the seven emeralds possessed. However, Tikal and the Chao wanted no part in the conflict between the clan and the local Cat people. Believing his way to be right, Pachacamac ordered his men to attack, trampling Tikal and the Chao, enraging their protector, Chaos. Chaos absorbed the emeralds' power, and used his new strength to wipe out the entire Knuckles Clan, Pachacamac included. Only Tikal was spared from this, and to prevent Chaos from rampaging across the planet, she trapped herself and Chaos within the Black Emerald. (StH: #82, SSSM: #2)



Statues of Pachacamac at the Mystic Ruins

Pachacamac himself was mostly forgotten until the Guardian known as Locke learned of Pachacamac while researching family history, and decided to reclaim a lost legacy by naming his son after the warrior clan that Pachacamac led: Knuckles. More importantly, when Locke battled the Cat Queen's champion Razorklaw (for the safety of the Chaotix), he announced that he would fight on behalf of the Knuckles Clan. After this, he was shown statues of Pachacamac that the clan erected to mark their victories before they were eliminated, which he then showed to Knuckles and were found by Sally Acorn a year later while investigating the Mystic Ruins. (StH: #82, #84, #213,SSS: #13)

Background Information[]

  • Pachacamac's name has been misspelled as "Pachamac."
  • Pachacamac is named for an ancient temple in Peru.