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Overclocked Nicole
Overclocked Nicole
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #74

Biographical information
Host Form

Nicole the Holo-Lynx

Transformation Requirements

Red Star Ring

Gained Abilities

Same as her base form but greatly enhanced


Overclocked Nicole is the Super Transformation of Nicole the Holo-Lynx when she's hooked up to a Red Star Ring.


Ellidy attaches Red Star Ring

Ellidy triggers Nicole's transformation.

Nicole first took this form when Dr. Ellidy attached a Red Star Ring to her handheld computer in a desperate attempt to help her overcome Phage. It proved incredibly effective, as Overclocked Nicole was able to imprison Phage and end her control of the Isolated Island Badniks with relative ease. (SU: #74)

in the final race to fix the shattered world, Nicole took on the form again not long after, when Phage and the Tails Doll disabled the Sky Patrol's security system, as part of the Eggman Empire's effort to kidnap Chip. (StH: #284)


Nicole locks out Phage

Overclocked Nicole seals Phage out of Ellidy's systems.

Overclocked Nicole possesses the same abilities as her usual form, but greatly enhanced. This is evident in her defeat of Phage, who-even while injured-proved too strong for Nicole to overcome in her normal state.


As with most Super forms, Overclocked Nicole resembles her normal form but with different coloring and some altered features. In Nicole's case, her black hair, pants, and fur turn white, while her brown fur and the rest of her clothing takes on a pinkish color. Small Red Star Rings also appear on her socks and the cuffs of her gloves, with another taking the place of the jewel on her necklace. Nicole's eyes also change from green to red, and spiky fringes appear on her gloves and socks; the tips of her ears also become larger and spikier.

Background Information

  • Overclocked Nicole bares a striking resemblance to Burning Blaze, particularly in the color scheme.
  • Aleah Baker has revealed that Overclocked Nicole wasn't intended as a traditional Super Transformation, and her opinion is that it might prove harmful if Nicole stayed in the state for too long. [1]
    • The harmful effects of this transformations overuse are also implied in StH: #284.
  • The "Overclocked" part of Nicole's name is likely both a reference to the fact that Nicole is a computer AI and also the computer term, Overclocking, which is a process of altering a computers hardware, most commonly the CPU/Processor in order to increase its performance and make it operate faster than what was originally intended by the manufacturer.