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Ocean Tornado
Ocean Tornado
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The Ocean Tornado is a sailboat partly built and captained by amateur mechanic Marine the Raccoon. It was used by Marine and Blaze the Cat to sail across the oceans of the Sol Zone, presumably to help in the search for the remaining lost Sol Emeralds.


Battling Pirates[]

Ocean Tornado under attack

The Ocean Tornado in battle.

The Ocean Tornado was created by Marine with the aid of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails, and utilized by them and Blaze during their efforts against Captain Whisker's Sol Zone Pirates. Following this adventure, Blaze and Marine took the Coconut Crew, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit and Cheese aboard and challenged Captain Metal and his Metal Marauder. Unfortunately, the Marauder proved too well-armed to defeat, and the Coconut Crew abandoned ship on Marine's orders. She and the members of Team Rose-minus Blaze, who had boarded the enemy vessel-then hid in a chest when the Marauder opened fire with its ultimate weapon. The heroes survived, but the Ocean Tornado was destroyed. (VG: SRA, SU: #55, #56)

Creation and Early Uses[]

Shortly after Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails crashed landed in the Sol Zone and they met up with Marine and Blaze, the ship was partially built by Marine in order to go in search of the Chaos Emerald stolen by Johnny, which led to their meeting with Dr. Nega and Captain Whisker and his crew. (SU: #1)

Metal Sonic's Attack[]

While Marine and Blaze the Cat were aboard the Ocean Tornado in the middle of the ocean, they found a drowning Shadow the Hedgehog who had just been kicked into the water by Metal Sonic. Marine and Blaze brought him aboard the ship where he explained how he and Metal came to their dimension. They then traveled to Southern Island to find Metal Sonic attacking it in his search for that zone's Eggman. Shadow tried to turn Metal against Eggman, but was unsuccessful. Shadow and Blaze attacked Metal and launched him up into the air. Marine then used the Ocean Tornado's cannons to completely destroy Metal Sonic, leaving Shadow temporarily stranded until Blaze gave him her Chaos Emerald. (SU: #1)

Background information[]

  • In Sonic Rush Adventure, the Ocean Tornado was made by Tails, but the creator of the Ocean Torndao has yet to be confirmed in the comic, but it is known that Marine assisted in constructing it.
  • Also in Sonic Rush Adventure, the Ocean Tornado's armoury was considerably larger and included guns and flamethrowers instead of just cannons.
  • Even though it is classified as a sailboat, the Ocean Tornado's construction lends itself more to the form of a paddle-wheeler.