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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Biographical information

17 (Born on day 251, 3220)

  • Unnamed aunt


Physical description
  • Durable shoes
  • White Boxing Gloves
  • Black scottish tam
Political Alignment and Abilities

Gliding, super strength, chaos-based powers, can fight well


O'Nux, also known as Anti Knuckles is a Moebian Echidna and Knuckles's alternate self from Moebius. Just as his counterpart is Guardian of Angel Island, O'Nux is the Overseer of Demon Island. But most unlike Knuckles, he is a pacifist who only uses violence as a last resort. He was defeated when Scourge the Hedgehog took over Moebius with the aid of the Suppression Squad.


Coming to Mobius Prime[]


Anti Knuckles fighting his Mobius Prime counterpart

Having lived on and defended the Sunken Island for his entire life, O'Nux's only known moment of tension came at the same time he met his Mobius counterpart. Tricked by Evil Sonic into helping him steal the Chaos Emeralds from Mobius Prime's Floating Island in order to save his own home, O'Nux was persuaded to do battle with Knuckles on Mobius Prime and then on Anti-Mobius. However, he eventually decided that violence wasn't the way and stopped fighting, causing the real Knuckles to react in disgust as he believed that saving one's home was a cause worth fighting for. O'Nux revealed his reason for attacking; his home, the Sunken Island, was gradually losing its source of oxygen for unknown reasons. (StH: #44)

With the Knothole Freedom Fighters, both echidnas headed out to investigate the deterioration of the Sunken Island's giant air bubble, and discovered that it was the work of none other than Robotnik Prime, who was looking once again to obtain power through Chaos Emeralds, this time from Anti-Mobius. Eventually Robotnik opened a portal directly into the Chaos Chamber on Mobius Prime; while Sonic and Sally provided a distraction, Knuckles and Anti Knuckles ran to Angel Island's emerald and called out to the doctor. Thinking that, with the Sunken Island as a source he would no longer need to seek an emerald from Angel Island, he attempted to destroy it with his device; however, the echidnas repositioned the emerald to reflect the blast back, destroying the weapon and sending him back to Mobius Prime. Acting quickly, Anti Knuckles recovered what would later be known as Anarchy Beryl from the shattered weapon and placed them into slots in the wall, restoring the Sunken Island's air shield and saving it. He then returned the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles to land, though kept Evil Sonic tied up until after they returned to their home zone. (StH: #44)

Scourge's Takeover of Moebius[]


Anti Knuckles is defeated by Scourge during the latter's takeover of "Moebius."

Either before or after his alliance with Scourge, O'Nux gathered a group of supporters known as the Orderix, who worked with him to defend the island from intruders. During Scourge's takeover of Anti Mobius, O'Nux swore fealty to Scourge when he took over Demon Island, not fighting back due to his pacifist nature.[1] (StH: #193; CSE)


Unlike the Suppression Squad, who are versions of the heroes of Mobius with no moral sense, Anti-Knuckles is different from Knuckles in an entirely different way: he is a pacifist. He does not believe that violence is something that should be resorted to in any situation, and the only time he has strayed from this standard was after being tricked by Evil Sonic. He also speaks with an Irish accent.

Background information[]

  • It has been stated by Scourge in a quasi-canon fan-mail reading that he let Anti Knuckles live because it was way more fun having him grovel beneath him than killing him. (ASUB)