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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

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Nusgau, also known as Ixis Nusgau, was an elemental wizard and member of the Order of Ixis who escaped death at the hands of the Albion Knights of Aurora. A bat, he gained mastery over the element of wind, and then the elements of water and earth from his comrades Suguna and Agunus. The three joined forces after their Order's destruction, and after teaching each other their respective magicks set out to capture control over the element of fire by making contact with the sun. The attempt resulted in their fusion into Ixis Naugus, whom Nusgau would later return to torment along with his fellow wizards.


Becoming Naugus[]

Nusgau was a member of the Order of Ixis who somehow survived the Forgotten War with the Albion Knights of Aurora and joined up with fellow wizards Agunus and Suguna. The trio worked together for a time, teaching each other their elemental abilities and planning to seize the elemental power of fire by making contact with the sun. Despite their cooperation, Agunus and Suguna cheated by keeping a portion of their knowledge to themselves thinking that no one else would notice. Thus Nusgau held back part of his knowledge regarding air, and so thought to surpass the others by reaching the sun first. However, Agunus grabbing Nusgau and Suguna grabbing Agunus led to the three of them falling into the sun together, fusing them together into Ixis Naugus. (StH: #66, #163)


Following the reversal of the first Genesis Wave, Nusgau was awoken within Ixis Naugus' mind along with his fellow sorcerers, after a brief conversation with the hybrid sorcerer he fought his fellow wizards to take control over Naugus' body but was ultimately forced aside, for the time being. He and the others would later try to secure their own anticipated power in advising Naugus on courses of action, though their plans to discredit the need for Team Freedom proved unsuccessful. Nusgau and his fellows would continue to torment Naugus in the midst of his plans to have Elias Acorn eliminated and to use an ancient Ixian spell to enslave the Council of Acorn, ganging up on him as he made the finishing touches on his Ritual Chamber and encouraging him to accept the more monstrous form their awakening created. Following the failure of this attempt, Nusgau and the others continued to plague Naugus over his failures both to rule the kingdom and to secure a new vessel to possess. Their complaining ended-at least temporarily-when Naugus decided to use his apprentice Geoffrey St. John as a host body. (StH: #231, #232, #234, #236, #241; SU: #41, #42, #43)


Nusgau attempts to claim dominion over Naugus' body.


Nusgau was an elemental wizard with expertise in wind, though he also learned to manipulate water and earth from his comrades. As a Bat, he naturally possessed the ability to fly, which was augmented by his magical abilities. These traits were all absorbed into Ixis Naugus, though Naugus doesn't possess a set of actual wings.

Background Information[]

  • Nusgau's name is an anagram of the other two members' names.
  • Ian Flynn revealed that Agunus and his compatriots were not actually participants in the Forgotten War, but became members of the Order later.
  • As a result of the events of Worlds Collide, it appears that Naugus is now a Troll rather than a creature born from the fusion of three Mobians; as such, it can be presumed that Nusgau and his compatriots either never existed or else were never associated with Naugus.