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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Original Continuity

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Orca Legionnaires move to intercept.

The Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion is an enforcement group under the control of the Eggman Empire composed of Orcas and led by Akhlut. They are traditional enemies of the Walrus Herd, and are opposed by the Arctic Freedom Fighters.


War with the Walruses[]

The Orcas had always struggled with the Walruses for control of the Northern Tundra, and-prior to joining the Dark Egg Legion-they had assisted Dr. Robotnik by using their sonar abilities to confuse the Walrus Herd, allowing the doctor-and his successor, Dr. Eggman-to take control of their minds. Some time after, the Orcas officially joined the Eggman Empire and became the Northern Tundra Chapter of the Dark Egg Legion, gaining cybernetics and--in Grandmaster Akhlut's case--amplified psychic powers. This chapter was first learned of after the Arctic Freedom Fighters sent a message to New Mobotropolis to inform them of the capture of the Walrus Herd by that same group. The Legionnaires used their sonar cybernetics in combination with a Psionic Emitter in their Totem Base on the surface to enslave the Walruses.

The Arctic Freedom Fighters, having gathered intelligence on their operations, set out on a two-pronged effort against them with the aid of Sonic the Hedgehog. In preparation for such an attack, the chapter employed an army of brainwashed Walruses to guard the base. While Sonic, Guntiver, and Erma fought the Walruses on the surface, Augustus, Flip, and Sealia descended to battle Akhlut and several other Orcas. During all of this, Rotor Walrus and Silver the Hedgehog broke into the Totem Base, where Silver used a neural interface to permanently free the Walruses from the Orcas' control. The Orcas were also harmed mentally by this and quickly fled, bumping into each other as they did so. (StH: #214, #215, #216)

Continued Aggression[]

Underwater Fight

The Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion encounters Team Fighters, the Arctic Freedom Fighters, and Silver.

The Orca Legion later welcomed Eggman to their Egg Bunker in the tundra when he arrived with the Death Egg Mark 2 seeking repairs and restocking. Unfortunately for the Legion, their efforts were observed by the local Freedom Fighters, who joined forces with Eggman's pursuers: Team Fighters. When the two teams and their newest member, Silver, entered an underwater tunnel linking the bunker to the Death Egg, they were spotted by the Orca, leading to a battle between the two sides. However, all parties involved were then enveloped by the second Genesis Wave. (StH: #247)

Known Members[]


  • Implants: All members of the Dark Egg Legion have parts of their bodies replaced with mechanical implants, increasing their strength and giving them new abilities such as enhanced sonar. The extent of individual legionnaire cybernetic is currently unknown, but seems to vary between individuals.

Background Information[]

  • The Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion was the first Dark Egg Legion chapter to be made up of Mobians with no anthropomorphic qualities other than being able to speak. Additionally, it is the first Legion chapter to eschew the cloaks worn by previous incarnations, for obvious reasons.
  • This chapter was the third chapter to become an Egg Army Unit in the altered continuity, and only the second to retain it's leader (and presumably membership) from the previous reality. However, whereas the other reintroduced Legion/Army chapters remained in the same location (albeit with the Mercia Dark Egg Legion becoming the Avalon Egg Army), this chapter was relocated to another region, with Tundra the Walrus and his Artika Egg Army taking over their place in the former Northern Tundra.