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The Northern Tundra's icy landscape

The Northern Tundra is a harsh, icy polar region of Mobius that includes the frozen North Sea. While home to many, the Walrus Herd makes up the largest population. The area has been repeatedly threatened by Dr. Ivo Robotnik and the Eggman Empire; multiple bases and factories had been established in the tundra as well as a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion. However, the region is protected by the Arctic Freedom Fighters, who have been aided by the Knothole Freedom Fighters and others in protecting their homeland.


Place of War

The Northern Tundra has been a center of conflict that far predates either of the Robotnik Wars due to the continuous territorial struggle between the Walrus Herd and the orcas, which Grandmaster Akhlut has said to be "as old as the tides." Other tribes, apparently uninvolved with this ancient rivalry, include the peoples of the Arctic Freedom Fighters It is also the region where Team FightersSonic, Tails, Amy, and T-Pup–went to rescue Mecha Sally before the second Genesis Wave swept across Mobius. (StH: #31, #32, #85, #109, #215, #216, #247, CSE)



Background Information

  • It is questionable to whether this would be considered a "continent" since it is based off the North Pole which is a landmass of ice and is not considered a real continent. Of course, the region might also be reminiscent of such real-world areas as Alaska and Russia.
  • A part of the region's name "Tundra" was apparently given to Rotor's father in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.
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