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The Northamer Egg Army is an Egg Army Unit based in Northamer and led by Egg Bosses Clove and Cassia the Pronghorns.


The Northamer Egg Army-or at least it's leadership-were assigned to excavate a Chaos Emerald that had ended up in Crystal Cave. However, they ran into difficulties and were forced to halt operations while awaiting new mining equipment. As such, their operation was left vulnerable to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, who hacked their security and managed to secure the gem. However, fearing that the army would destroy the beautiful cavern if they believed the Chaos Emerald was still present, they reactivated security so that they would be seen leaving with the gem. This fact was later reported to Dr. Eggman by Cassia and Clove, who were then reassigned to another area. Their unit was later tasked with safeguarding the only Chaos Emerald that the Freedom Fighters had failed to secure during the Shattered World Crisis. (StH: #260, #261, #262, #263, #277, #278, #279


  • Robots: The Northamer Egg Army commands a number of Badniks that served as both laborers and security for their Crystal Cave mining operation.


Background Information

  • Ian Flynn revealed that while Clove and Cassia are technically co-leaders of this army, Clove is apparently superior in authority to her sister. [1]
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