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The No Zone in ruins

The No Zone is a zone that is literally 90 degrees from everywhere. The nature of its inhabitants is largely unknown, but it apparently serves as the home world of a trans-dimensional police force, of which Zonic is a part. Due to the zone's unusual juxtaposition, individuals from the No Zone tend to appear sideways in other zones, and visitors to the zone tend to appear sideways in the zone (whereas they would have been upright in their own). This can be prevented, however, through the use of advanced technology created by the Zone Cops. Because of this strange property, the No Zone is sometimes referred to as the Perpendicular Zone. (SSS: #10, CSE)

The No Zone has been left in ruins during the recent war between the Zone Cops and the mysterious Dr. Nega. (StH: #197)


Known Inhabitants

Zone Cops


See Zone Jail.

Background Information

  • All native inhabitants of the No Zone have names beginning with Z for unknown reasons, usually as a variation of their counterpart from the Prime Zone. The Inhabitants list above includes all confirmed inhabitants of the Zone as seen in the comics and in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia. Head writer Ian Flynn has also hinted at the existence of counterparts to Sally Acorn, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Antoine D'Coolette-Zally, Zhadow, and Zantoine, respectively-but they have not yet appeared in any medium, and likely never will as a result of the continuity reboot and eventual cancellation.
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