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Not to be confused with Nicole the Holo-Lynx or any other characters named Nicole.

Nicolette the Weasel
First Appearance

Knuckles the Echidna #26

Biographical information



Mobian/Weasel Wolf Hybrid

Physical description


  • Fur: Purple/White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Brown hat, gloves, boots, belt
  • Brown or blue tank-top
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Expert marksmanship
  • Piloting abilities

Nicolette "Nic" the Weasel was a dangerous bounty hunter and had been shown to be more competent than her twin brother Nack, albeit far less vicious. She has teamed up with her brother from time to time in the past. Although the two shared a relationship that bordered on hatred, if the money was right their sibling rivalry could be overlooked. She had a professional relationship with Fiona whom she has worked with for many years.


Early Life

Nic's past is relatively unknown, and it is unknown what caused her and Nack to dislike each other. According to Nack they came from a very wealthy family, though he suggested he had problems with his parents. (StH: #91, #123)

Life As A Bounty Hunter

Nic Fiona02

Nic and Fiona arriving after Rouge stole their treasure

Nic has been a bounty hunter for most of her life. When she was scavenging outside one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's abandoned bases, an exhausted and recently escaped Fiona Fox came to her for aid. Afterwards, the two became partners and worked together for years. Nic and Fiona often had encounters with Rouge the Bat, who would generally beat them to finding and retrieving treasures, leading to a bit of a rivalry between them. (StH: #165, KtE: #27)

At some point, Nic purchased an air craft at the Five and Gemstone, which she used to travel around. (KtE: #26)

In 3236, Nic paid Mighty the Armadillo a visit to persuade him to help her break into an abandoned containment facility for its rumored treasure, a Power Stone. Although Mighty was hesitant to help, she convinced him by revealing the collar of Ray the Flying Squirrel. While flying to the containment facility, Nic noticed Mighty was incredibly quiet during the trip, asking him if he was okay. After they landed, Nic admitted she brought Mighty along not only to break into the facility but also to protect her from the natives of that region, which were apparently hostile. Once the two arrived near the facility, Fiona revealed herself. After she and Mighty began to bicker, Nic cut in and told them they had to argue on their own time, after which she led them to the door which she needed Mighty to break down. When Mighty successfully broke down the door revealing Ray attached to the Power Stone, Nic reluctantly destroyed it in order to free Ray, though she admitted her shot was meant to neutralize its hold on Ray instead of destroying it. She warned Ray that she expected compensation for the rescue, but Mighty interceded, saying that he would take care of it. After this, Nic and Fiona seemingly went their separate ways. (KtE: #26, #27, #28)


Nic revealing herself to Nack

Working with Nack

Some time later, Nic tracked down her brother at a shady bar where she informed him she had a job she needed his help with. In the process, she interrupted Nack as he was romancing another woman, who came away from the encounter thinking Nic was Nack's wife. After she convinced her brother to work with her when she informed him the reward was a "king's ransom", the weasel siblings departed for Albion on Nic's new ship, the Bounty-One. Arriving in Albion, the two were briefed on their mission to capture Chaos Knuckles by the Albion High Council. Nic asked if the High Council wanted them to kill Knuckles, to which Gala-Na replied that was a last resort option. Setting off on their task, Nack managed to convince Chaos Knuckles to go with him while Nic held Charmy Bee and Saffron hostage from afar with her sniper rifle. After Nack brought Chaos Knuckles before Gala-Na and the Albion Security Team, Nic and Nack were paid and departed. After Chaos Knuckles escaped, Gala-Na attempted to re-hire the two weasels, but they declined, realizing it was too risky. Nic wasn't seen in action for a considerable amount of time afterwards, leading to rumors that she'd either retired or else been eliminated by her competitive brother. (StH: #91, #93, #94, CSE)


Nic is as greedy as her brother, though somewhat less cruel and merciless in her tactics. This was shown in her willingness to help Ray, even at the cost of the Power Gem she had hoped to acquire. She was also willing to put aside her rivalry with her brother for mutual benefit.


Nic Profile

Nic the Weasel's redesign by Jeff Axer, which never appeared outside the encyclopedia.

Nic was introduced with a design very similar in appearance to her brother Nack, her design having been heavily inspired by his. She has has purple fur with matching hair on her head that is usually long enough for her to wear in a ponytail, and white fur on her belly. Like Nack she wears a hat, boots, gloves, and a belt, all colored brown and white, but has the addition of a tank top, which she has worn in both brown and blue coloring.

The encyclopedia featured a new design for Nic, in which her fur color has been changed from purple to pink and her attire has likewise been altered. Her new outfit is colored mostly white and black, with white boots that have black cuffs and toes. She also wears a cape that is black on the outside and white on the inside, and a white had with a pair of gold-rimmed goggles resting on the brim. She has a black belt, a harness of some sort that she wears over one shoulder, and white gloves with black bars across the knuckles.


Like her brother, Nic has been shown to be a skilled marksman and an able pilot.

Background Information

  • Nic's nickname creates a bit of a pun with her brother's, either from the children's rhyme "This Old Man" or the term "nicknack."
  • Artist Jeff Axer created a new design for Nic that was never printed. While researching artwork to use in Sonic the Hedgehog Who's Who Volume 1, Archie personnel in Mamaroneck discovered that design and writer Ian Flynn is trying to publish it the next time Nic makes an appearance. (1) However, Ian Flynn revealed in an Ask Ian podcast that he in fact dislikes Nic. Nic's new appearance was featured in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, where she was featured alongside other unaffiliated criminals such as Downtown Ebony Hare and Renfield T. Rodent.
  • According to a post back in November 2010, Ian Flynn intended to write off Nic the Weasel as dead off-screen according to a post he made. (2) But after realizing how much love she got in the same thread he posted that, he changed his mind about having Nic the Weasel die, and intend to bring her back someday before the legal issues with Ken Penders. (3) Given Nic's origins as a Ken Penders character-albeit one heavily based on a Sega character-it is likely that she won't be appearing in the comics again.
  • The establishment that Nic got her airship from, the Five and Gemstone, is undoubtedly meant to be a nod to the "Five and Dime" variety stores.
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