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New Black Comet

The second Black Comet.

The New Black Comet was the home of the remaining Black Arms following the destruction of the first Black Comet.



The New Black Comet and its Black Arms trailed after the original Black Comet, remaining at a world the Black Arms had invaded to complete its conquest. It was here that Black Death sensed the defeat of Black Doom at the hands of Shadow the Hedgehog. Fearing that he lacked the power to defeat Shadow where his master had failed, Black Death ordered the creation of a Black Arms warrior designed specifically to destroy Shadow: Eclipse the Darkling. At Eclipse's suggestion, the comet altered its path away from Mobius to stop at the homeworld of the Wisps, where they captured several of the creatures for experimentation. (SU: #59, #69)

Arrival at Sonic's World[]

The New Black Comet was detected by G.U.N. as it made its way toward the planet, which was already troubled by the Shattered World Crisis. To neutralize this newest threat, Commander Abraham Tower sent Team Dark and Spider Troupe to detonate a nuclear device in the core of the comet. A series of battles took place as the G.U.N. forces battled the Black Arms, including a brief altercation between the members of Team Dark after Shadow was brainwashed by Black Death and Eclipse. Ultimately, the G.U.N. forces succeeded in their mission, with only Eclipse and the infant Dark Arms escaping the destruction of their fellow Black Arms. (StH: #252, SU: #59, #60, #61, #62)


Black Death's Chamber[]

Black Death's Chamber

Black Death in his chamber.

Black Death's chamber was the area of the comet where Black Death resided and watched over the New Black Comet with the aid of Death's Eye. It was here that Black Death battled with Shadow the Hedgehog and thus met his end.

Dark Arms Nursery[]

Eclipse tended to his Dark Arms larvae in a room within the comet. Eclipse was fiercely protective of the nursery, not even allowing his own brothers inside unless he was there to supervise.

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