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Nerb DEL

A Nerb Legionnaire on a Kraken

The Nerb Dark Egg Legion is a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion composed entirely of Nerbs. The group is led by a Grandmaster known as The Foreman, and is opposed by a group of Nerb Freedom Fighters.



Despite being saved from Dr. Robotnik by the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Nerb race was eventually enslaved under Dr. Eggman. Sadly enough, the vast majority of the race went along with it, eventually undergoing Legionization and becoming a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion. However, despite managing to enslave the Krakens who shared their underground world, the Legion did not go unopposed. A group of Nerb Freedom Fighters-including a Legion defector-stood up to the new regime, having been inspired by other Freedom Fighters from the surface.(StH: #10, CSE)

New Orders[]

Like the other chapters of the Dark Egg Legion, the Nerb chapter received a falsified message announcing Dr. Eggman's death, the destruction of his Death Egg Mark 2, and the capture of his nephew Snively Robotnik. Despite this news, The Foreman continued to drive his Legionnaires in their labors. He was subsequently summoned via teleporation to a meeting of the Grandmasters called by Eggman, who added locating the missing blue Chaos Emerald to the agenda of the various Legion chapters.(SU: #37)

Known Members[]

  • The Foreman (Grandmaster)
  • Female Nerb (formerly, defected to Freedom Fighters)

Background Information[]

  • The Nerb Dark Egg Legion was one of the last chapters of the Dark Egg Legion to be introduced, marking the first reappearance of the species in almost twenty years.


The rank-and-file members of the Nerb Legion wear the traditional black cloaks inherited from the Dark Legion, though with the notable addition of red bow ties on males. Like all members of their race, Nerb Legionnaires also wear glasses, and their attire also includes shoes and gloves.